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Earlier this week in Shelby Township, Michigan, a man was killed as he was riding his bike to work. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred at around four in the morning.

shadow-of-the-past-1432188-mEvidently, the bicyclist was on his way to work at a nearby factory when he was hit by a semi-truck. Although there was a sidewalk where the accident occurred, the bicyclist was riding on the road. Police say that the truck driver stopped at the scene of the accident and remained cooperative through the investigation. They do not believe that drugs or alcohol had a role to play in the accident.

Police also told reporters that bicyclists should be using the sidewalks, but often bicyclists ride in the street. This is contradictory to laws in most jurisdictions that require bicyclists to ride on the street and follow posted traffic laws.

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Earlier this month in Orlando, Florida, one man was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident that was caused by a driver who didn’t see the motorcyclist entering the intersection. According to a report by one local Florida news source, the motorcyclist arrived at a four-way stop shortly before another vehicle. The motorcyclist stopped and then proceeded through the intersection as normal. However, as he was part way through the intersection, the other driver entered the intersection and hit the motorcyclist.

motorbikes-344595-mDue to the force of the collision, the motorcyclist was thrown from the bike. Sadly, although the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, the injuries he sustained were fatal, and he was pronounced dead a short time later. Charges are currently pending against the other driver.

Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland

While the season for riding is pretty much over, that doesn’t mean that the lasting effects of an injury pass with it. Motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious personal injury cases we see on a regular basis, due to the unprotected nature of the rider on the bike.

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Earlier this month in Baltimore, a police chase of a scooter resulted in one officer being seriously injured after the cruiser he was riding in crashed. According to a report by one local news source, the chase started when the officers noticed that the scooter was “unregistered and without the proper safety equipment in contrary to the law.”

yellow-scooter-1007233-mIt all began when the police approached a group of people standing around their dirt bikes and scooters. One of the men in the group took off as police approached. After noticing the scooter was not in compliance with the law, the officers attempted to stop its driver. However, rather than pull over immediately, the driver led police on a brief chase.

Police lost track of the driver for a few moments, and when another unit caught up with the scooter, the chase continued. After a few minutes, the officers on the scene were instructed to call off the chase by their sergeant, but they continued to follow the scooter.

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Earlier this week in Ellicott City, one Elkridge man was critically injured when he was struck by an SUV while riding his motorcycle on Tridelphia Road. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred around 2:30 in the afternoon when a Ford SUV made a left turn from Tridelphia Road onto West Ann Drive.


Evidently, the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed and was attempting to pass a slower motorist when the accident occurred. Preliminary reports indicate that the motorcyclist may have crossed over a double-yellow line in order to pass the slower motorist. As the motorcyclist passed the slower vehicle, the two vehicles collided.

The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital in critical condition. His current status is not known. The driver of the SUV was not injured and remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived. There is no indication as to whether the driver of the SUV will face any charges or citations for her involvement in the crash.

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Earlier last month in Vineland, New Jersey, a female motorcyclist was seriously injured when she was forced into another lane by a nearby motorist and then hit by an oncoming car. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred around three in the afternoon.

motorcycle-starting-588704-mEvidently, the motorcyclist was on a two-lane road riding next to a pick-up truck when the truck driver forced the motorcyclist out of her lane. As the motorcyclist moved to avoid what would have been a certain collision, she was hit by another truck traveling in the opposite direction.

The motorcyclist was pinned underneath the truck, and passing motorists got out of their car to lend what help they could. In the end, the motorcyclist was freed from underneath the truck and taken to the hospital. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident, and charges have not yet been filed against any of the parties.

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Earlier this week in Bethesda, Maryland, a 22-year-old man was struck while riding his bike on Old Georgetown Lane just south of Lucas Lane. According to a report by the local Fox affiliate, the force from the collision threw the bicyclist off his bike and into the rear windshield of another car.


The bicyclist was taken to the hospital, where he was given eight stitches above his eye and a few staples in his shoulder to reattach the skin that was damaged as a result of the accident. He is expected to be fine, although he told reporters that he is still very sore.

Evidently, the driver of the car that hit the man did not stop to make sure that the man was all right. Instead, he drove away, fleeing the scene of the accident. Police are currently looking for the driver of a brown-colored sedan, but no more information is available on the driver. Police are hopeful that witnesses to the accident will come forward.

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Riding a bicycle has always been a preferred mode of transportation in urban environments. It’s free, fast, and provides the rider with physical exercise as well. However, it can also be more dangerous given the speed at which the riders are traveling and the exposure they have to vehicle traffic.


In fact, since 1987 over 100 bicyclists have lost their lives in bike accidents in the Washington DC area. This led to conduct a study about where the accidents were occurring, hoping to establish a pattern where the most dangerous intersections were located. The study took data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System as well as from media reports in local sources.

According to the study, Prince George’s had the most fatal accidents of the jurisdictions studied. The breakdown of where the fatal bicycle accidents occurred is as follows:

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In a bout of what may turn out to be aggressive driving, one motorcyclist is dead after she ran into a car on Interstate 97. According to one local news report, the motorcyclist was traveling south on I-97 around 5:30 in the evening when the fatal accident occurred.


Evidently, the motorcyclist was in a group of other motorcyclists and was traveling at a high rate of speed. As she approached a Chevrolet Cavalier from the rear, she moved over to pass the car on the left. In anticipation of the motorcycle rapidly approaching from the rear, the driver of the car moved over to the left. It is unclear whether the driver of the Cavalier was getting over to block her passing or to make room for her.

Regardless, the motorcyclist ran into the rear of the Cavalier and flew off her bike. She ended up off the left side of the road and crashed into a guardrail before coming to a complete stop. The motorcyclist was taken to Baltimore Washington Medical in Glen Burnie, where she was unfortunately pronounced dead. The driver of the Cavalier was taken to the hospital as well, although with only minor injuries.

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Earlier this month, a fatal motorcycle accident claimed the life of a Woodbine man in Westminster, Maryland. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred around 6:30 in the evening on the 3300 block of Salem Bottom Road.


Evidently, the motorcyclist was heading north on Salem Bottom Road when a truck pulled out in front of the motorcycle to make a left turn onto southbound Salem Bottom Road. The motorcyclist ended up crashing into the driver’s side of the truck. Despite emergency responders’ best efforts to get to the scene in a timely manner, the man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The driver of the truck did not sustain any injuries as a result of the accident and may face charges once the police investigation is complete.

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Earlier this month in a Lexington Park neighborhood, a 22-year-old man was killed when he was struck while riding a minibike and then was run over by a car coming in the opposite direction. According to a report by one local news source, the fatal motorcycle accident took place near the intersection of Town Creek Drive and Dent Drive.


Evidently, the accident occurred at around 7:40 in the evening, and the minibike did not have lights on it at the time of the accident. At some point, the driver of a Volkswagen Jetta hit the rider, knocking him off the bike and onto the ground. Almost immediately afterward, an SUV traveling in the opposite direction ran over the motorcyclist, trapping him underneath the massive vehicle.

When emergency crews arrived, they were able to free the man by using airbags to lift up the SUV. The man was flown to the hospital by the Maryland State Police, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead before 2:00 a.m. A police investigation is still underway to determine how the fatal accident may have been caused.

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