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Earlier this month, an accident in Harmans, Maryland resulted in one Hanover man losing his life when the motorcycle on which he was riding was struck by a passenger vehicle. According to one local news report, the accident took place at around four in the afternoon near the intersection of Dorsey Road and Sandalwood Court.

motorcycle-01-1463298Evidently, the motorcyclist was driving his 2011 Harley Davidson westbound on Dorsey Road when a minivan pulling out of a driveway slammed into the motorcycle. The driver was thrown from the bike and was found on the road by emergency responders, who immediately took him to Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore. Despite their best efforts, the man was pronounced dead a few days later. The driver of the minivan was not injured in the accident.

The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, and police have ruled out alcohol and speed as potential causes for the fatal accident. Police do believe, however, that the accident was caused by a failure of the minivan driver to yield to the motorcyclist as the minivan pulled out of the driveway into traffic. Police are still in the middle of their investigation and are working with the prosecutor’s office to determine if criminal charges are appropriate in the wake of the fatal accident.

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Earlier this month, one man was killed when he was struck by another vehicle while riding his motorcycle in Hagerstown, Maryland. According to one local news source, the accident took place around 11:30 in the morning near 25 East North Avenue.

cold-weather-rider-1438885Evidently, the motorcyclist was traveling west on East North Avenue when a Buick pulled out of Cramer’s Alley and onto East North Avenue. As the driver of the Buick pulled out, he struck the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was knocked from his bike and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of the Buick was not injured.

Police arrived on the scene and called accident reconstructionists to help them understand what happened in the moments leading up to the fatal motorcycle accident. The county prosecutor has decided to await the results of the official investigation before deciding if criminal charges will be filed against the driver of the Buick.

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Earlier this month, a 22-year-old man was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident involving one other vehicle. According to one local news report, the accident occurred in Timonium, Maryland on a Wednesday morning, around 11 a.m.

sportster-2-332798-m-thumbEvidently, the motorcyclist was heading north on York Road. Another motorist, operating a Buick Regal, was heading south on the same road when he attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the motorcyclist. The Buick did not have time to complete his turn, and the motorcyclist crashed into the side of the passenger vehicle.

The motorcyclist was taken to Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time after admission. The driver of the Buick, a 73-year-old woman, was taken to St. Joseph’s Medical Center and treated for minor injuries. Police are still conducting an investigation into the accident. It is not clear at this point if the driver of the Buick has been issued any citation for her role in the fatal accident.

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Earlier last month, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma decided a case brought by the passenger of a motorcycle against another driver she claims was responsible for causing a head-on collision, resulting in her sustaining serious injuries. In the case, Fargo v. Hays-Kuehn, the issue the court had to decide was whether it was appropriate for the lower court to dismiss the case against the defendant prior to submitting the case to trial.

la-nuit-on-the-highway-1-1445974The Accident

Evidently, the accident involved several vehicles, all of which were heading in the same direction. Vehicle 1 was stopped on a two-lane highway, waiting to make a left turn. Vehicle 2, operated by Hays-Kuehn, quickly approached Vehicle 1 from the rear and swerved around the left of that vehicle. The testimony was that Hays-Kuehn was extremely close to Vehicle 1 as he passed it. Vehicle 3, which was traveling in the same direction directly behind Vehicle 2, was unable to see in front of Hays-Kuehn’s vehicle.

Once Hays-Kuehn passed Vehicle 1 and started to get back into the proper lane of travel, Vehicle 3 saw for the first time that there was a stopped vehicle immediately in front of them. Hoping to avoid a collision with Vehicle 1, Vehicle 3 swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic, right behind Hays-Kuehn. However, the driver of Vehicle 3 did not see that the plaintiffs were quickly approaching on a motorcycle.

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Earlier this month in Gaithersburg, one man was killed when he was struck by a car and knocked off his motorcycle in what ended up being a fatal U-turn accident. According to one local news source, the accident occurred at the intersection of Frederick Road and Christopher Avenue, just before eight o’clock in the evening.

new-style-no-u-turn-1511629Evidently, the motorcyclist was heading southbound on Frederick Road when the accident occurred. As the motorcyclist approached the intersection of Christopher Avenue, a black Acura began to make a U-turn in front of the motorcyclist, cutting him off. The 35-year-old motorcyclist was taken to a nearby hospital for the treatment of his injuries. However, he tragically passed away a short time after admission. The driver of the Acura and his two passengers were not injured.

The accident remains under investigation by police. Charges against the driver of the Acura may be filed upon the completion of the investigation.

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Earlier this month in Alexandria, Virginia, a motorcyclist was injured when he was struck by a car that was in the process of making a left turn. According to one local news source, the accident occurred at around 4:30 in the afternoon at the Church of Saint Clement on N. Quaker Lane.

left-turn-with-care-1255768Evidently, the motorcyclist was heading north when a car made a left turn and struck the motorcyclist. As the rider flew off the bike, the bike crashed through the window of a nearby daycare. There were 10 children and their teacher in the daycare at the time, and five of them suffered minor injuries that required they be taken to the hospital. The motorcyclist was also taken to the hospital and admitted in serious condition.

Police told reporters that they have been keeping an eye on that intersection for some time, since it is known as a dangerous area. In fact, they mentioned that drivers come down the hill and make the left turn at high speeds too often, putting other motorists at risk. The cause of this accident still remains under investigation. Police expect to have a result in the near future.

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Earlier this month in Bishopville, Maryland, one man was killed in a motorcycle accident involving three other vehicles. According to one local news source, the accident occurred on Friday, July 3, at around 11:30 in the morning near the intersection of Route 113 and Bishopville Road.

red-bike-1435211Evidently, the man was riding on his Suzuki motorcycle and heading northbound on Route 113 when he struck a Lexus that had made an abrupt turn in front of him. The motorcyclist fell off of his bike. After colliding with the motorcycle, the Lexus continued to strike two other cars before ultimately coming to a stop in the roadway.

The rider of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders. The other drivers involved all sustained minor injuries and are expected to make full recoveries. Police are currently conducting an investigation into the fatal motorcycle accident, hoping to learn more about its causes. No citations have been issued yet, but that may change as the investigation concludes.

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Earlier last month in Prince Frederick, a multi-vehicle accident injured several people, including one man on a Kawasaki motorcycle. According to one local news source, the accident took place on Route 231, near Skipjack Road.

motorcycle---blur-focus-1099136-mEvidently, a Ford Focus was stopped on the single-lane road waiting to make a left-hand turn. As an SUV was approaching the Ford from the rear, the SUV entered onto the median to pass the Ford. The SUV passed successfully, but a van immediately behind the SUV didn’t see that the Ford was in the middle of the road until it was too late. The van collided with the Ford and pushed it into oncoming traffic, where it struck a Honda Civic.

The cars were spread across the road as a result of the collision, and oncoming vehicles were unable to stop in time. Eventually, another two vehicles were involved in the accident. Finally, the van that caused the initial collision was pushed into a passing motorcycle, ejecting the rider.

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Earlier this month in Vermont, a doctor was struck by an allegedly drunk driver as he was enjoying an afternoon bike ride before dinner. According to one local Vermont news report, the man and his wife were preparing to have guests over for dinner, and, while his wife was preparing dinner, the man left to go on a bike ride on his regular route. Sadly, he never returned home.

bike-lane-1443943-mEvidently, the man was riding his bike south on Greenbush Road in Ferrisburgh when a 2013 Chevy Cruze struck him from behind. The woman stopped and remained on the scene until police showed up.

After police arrived and began their investigation, it was discovered that the woman driving the Chevy Cruze was allegedly intoxicated. Specifically, the officers administered a blood-alcohol test and found that her blood-alcohol content (BAC) was .123. The legal limit for BAC in both Vermont and Maryland is .08. She was arrested on suspicion of DUI and released a short time later.

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Earlier this month in York County, Pennsylvania, a Maryland man passed away from injuries he sustained as a result of a fatal bicycle accident. According to one local York County news source, the accident occurred just after three in the afternoon on June 9.

accident-422002-mEvidently, the accident occurred on a Sunday afternoon in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, just a few miles from the Maryland-Pennsylvania border. According to the news report, the accident involved the bicyclist and a truck that was pulling a utility trailer. Police have not finished conducting their investigation into the accident, but they have told reporters that the bicyclist was not wearing a helmet.

Immediately after the accident, the bicyclist was taken to York Hospital, where he died a few hours later from multiple blunt-force wounds to the head.

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