Tragic Bicycle Accident Kills Five, Injures Four Others, Shedding Light on Dangers Maryland Cyclists Face

Last Thursday, a group of 20 bicyclists engaged in an annual tradition involving riding the 130-mile stretch between Henderson, Nevada and Nipton, California, and back. But tragically, this tradition was interrupted when a box truck slammed into the group of cyclists who were riding on the shoulder of U.S. 95. In total, five cyclists were fatally wounded, and another four were seriously injured—including one who was initially in critical condition but is now fortunately stable. This accident sheds light on the sobering reality of Maryland bicycle accidents.

According to the New York Times, investigators are unsure how or why the truck hit the cyclists. However, through a preliminary investigation, they know that the driver left his lane, collided with the group of cyclists from behind, and then hit another car that was driving alongside the cyclists. The driver also collided with another group of cyclists that were riding in front of the Subaru. At this point, nothing indicates that the driver was impaired, and Highway Patrol reported that the driver stayed at the scene of the accident and is being cooperative.

Even as the investigation continues, the tragedy of the accident is almost insurmountable. One cyclist, who organized the ride and was cycling ahead of his friends when the crash occurred, said in a phone interview that he could immediately tell three of his fellow cyclists were killed instantly. He explained that he had to watch two die in front of him. He also reported that, although he was a police officer in the area for 22 years, he had never responded to a crash this bad.

Of course, the cycling community is devastated by this accident—especially since the highway has a wide shoulder and is typically very safe. Some members of the community hope that this accident opens people’s eyes to the dangers these accidents pose, making them more vigilant of cyclists on the road.

How Common Are Fatal Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle rides make up only one percent of all trips in the U.S.; however, cyclists face a higher risk of injuries and death than drivers of cars or trucks, according to the CDC. And while this accident occurred across the country, Maryland bicyclists and drivers should be careful while on the road, to avoid similar tragedies from occurring in our state.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Bike Accident?

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