Maryland Motorcyclists Hurt in Hit and Run Accidents May Face Barriers to Recovery

Hit and run accidents can be some of the most tragic and frustrating kinds of Maryland motorcycle accidents. While there is, of course, never a good accident, Maryland hit and runs can be particularly frustrating because not knowing the identity of the responsible driver can prolong—or even prevent—an injured motorcyclist from recovering in the aftermath of an accident.

Hit and run accidents are what they sound like—accidents where one vehicle hits another vehicle (or individual) and then runs from the scene of the crash by driving away. Typically, in the aftermath of an accident, an injured victim is so shocked that they do not think to take down the car’s make and model that hit them, let alone the license plate. And, often, in hit and run accidents, they are not even given the chance to get this information, as the driver usually leaves the scene of the crash immediately. Generally, drivers leave the scene because they are trying to avoid both civil and criminal liability—they may worry about being sued or, depending on the severity of the crash, even arrested.

Hit and run accidents are especially concerning for Maryland motorcyclists because motorcycle crashes are more likely to result in severe injuries and death. This is because motorcyclists do not have the protection around their bodies that drivers in cars do. Instead, they are more likely to absorb the impact of the crash themselves, or to be thrown from their motorcycle. For example, take a recent hit and run motorcycle accident that occurred just earlier this month. According to a local news report that covered the incident, the accident occurred around 6:30 AM one Monday morning when the driver of a passenger van made an illegal U-turn directly in the path of a motorcyclist, driven by a 29-year-old man. Surveillance video captured the incident and saw the driver of the van stopping briefly before fleeing the scene. The motorcyclist was transported quickly to a hospital by firefighter-paramedics, but unfortunately, he was soon after pronounced dead. The search for the driver of the van continues, and the investigation is ongoing.

Can You File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit after a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident?

Although those who lose a loved one in a Maryland motorcycle accident have the ability to file a wrongful death suit against the negligent driver who caused the crash, that option is obviously complicated when the family does not know who the driver is. Hit and run accidents can be heartbreaking for families; they want to move forward and recover but are unable to because of the search for the culpable party. It can also prevent families from getting the closure they want and need. Families who find themselves in this tough position should consider contacting a wrongful death attorney who has worked on hit and run accidents before. While the situation is obviously complicated, an attorney may be able to help your family strategize and recover even in these circumstances.

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