Recovering After a Maryland Motorcycle Wreck When the Accident’s Cause is Unclear

Sometimes when Maryland motorcycle accidents occur, the cause is easy to identify. Perhaps a motorcyclist ran a red light, crashing into the side of a car or truck. Or perhaps a driver was distracted, texting while driving, and accidentally swerved into the other lane, hitting a motorcyclist. In these cases, it’s probably pretty easy to figure out what caused the accident and, importantly, who was responsible. However, the cause of some accidents might be harder to figure out. Sometimes accidents happen so quickly and unexpectedly that even those involved may not be sure what happened. Or, in some tragic cases, both individuals involved may end up being killed in the accident, meaning any knowledge they have about its cause dies with them.

For example, take a recent fatal head-on collision. According to a local news report covering the accident, the collision took place last month, when a car and a dump truck collided head-on, causing the truck to roll into a ravine. Both drivers were tragically killed as a result. Unfortunately, officials are not sure what happened—and eyewitnesses aren’t quite sure either. It seems as though one vehicle crossed the median line ran into the other, but which one is not clear.

Although there is no real need for the public to know exactly what happened in this case, the families of the deceased drivers may want to know for their own personal closure, as well as so they know whether or not they have a route to recovery under Maryland state law.

What Can Families Do to Hold a Negligent Driver Accountable After a Fatal Motorcycle Accident?

State law allows for those injured—or the families of those killed—in a Maryland motorcycle accident to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for the crash (or, if that person was also deceased, then against their estate). However, in order to be successful in this suit, they must prove what happened to cause the crash and how it was the defendant’s fault. This can, obviously, be difficult when the cause of the accident is unclear.

However, families or motorcycle crash victims should not give up on ever filing a personal injury lawsuit just because it’s not clear what happened. Speaking with a Maryland motorcycle accident attorney may be beneficial for them. Experienced attorneys understand the difficulty of proving causation in many of these accidents, and may be able to help you figure out how.

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