Motorcyclist Killed in SUV Collision in Queen Anne’s County

According to investigator reports in Queen Anne’s county, a motorcyclist was killed over the weekend by a collision involving an SUV.

Authorities believe that the driver of a Honda motorcycle was attempting to pass the SUV to his left, as the SUV began turning left from McGinnis Road onto Burchard Sawmill Road, early Saturday evening.

The motorcycle hit the rear tire of the SUV, and the rider was subsequently thrown from the bike. Officials reported that he later died at the hospital. The SUV’s driver was reportedly not injured.

Police further reported that the motorcyclist was driving on a suspended license, and had not registered his motorcycle.

One of the most common reasons that motorcycle accidents occur, and what may have been the cause in this case, is when drivers do not see the motorcyclist. This is true even more so in the case of SUVs because of their notoriously large blind spots. Authorities did not report the specifics regarding the collision in this case regarding whether the motorcycle rider had already begun his attempt to pass when the SUV began to turn, or whether the SUV had its turn signal illuminated, so it is difficult to speculate regarding fault.

These are the types of factors that will help determine who was at fault for ultimately causing the accident. In this sort of situation, the most likely sort of legal claim that would be brought would be a wrongful death claim, based upon the alleged negligence of the driver. In order to be successful, the person bringing the suit on behalf of the plaintiff (the relevant class of individuals who may do so are prescribed specifically by Maryland state law), will have to show that the driver was driving in a manner that was not in accordance with a typical reasonably safe driver, referred to in legal terms as a reasonably prudent person. They will also have to show that this lapse was responsible for causing the ultimate result. Common sorts of negligence include things like excessive speeding, failure to observe traffic signals, failure to yield, etc.

Additionally, while the nature of the motorcycle rider’s injuries was not reported, some of the most commonly suffered injuries that become fatal for many motorcyclists remains head and spinal cord injuries. The sudden impact and immense force sustained to the head and skull can be deadly. It is for this reason that Maryland has joined several other states in requiring that all motorcycle riders wear helmets.

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