Car Driver’s Failure to Yield Sends Motorcyclist to Shock Trauma in Critical Condition

According to police, earlier this month, a car and motorcycle collision sent the driver of the motorcycle to Shock Trauma in critical condition.

The accident, which occurred on May 12 just after 2:30 in the afternoon, happened on Frederick Road, just east of St. John’s Lane in Ellicott City.

According to police, the driver of a vehicle was attempting to exit a parking lot when he pulled out into oncoming traffic, into the path of another man travelling on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The motorcyclist then collided with the left front corner of the car, causing him serious injuries, which required transportation to Shock Trauma. The driver of the car and his passenger did not suffer any injuries.

While the investigation is ongoing, police revealed that a preliminary investigation found that the driver of the car’s failure to yield the right of way was the primary cause of the accident.

The drivers of other vehicles who are not paying attention to the road are oftentimes responsible for causing motorcycle accidents. Contrary to what most people may think about motorcycle drivers, motorcyclists are typically extremely safe drivers, and usually abide by all of the required traffic regulations.

Because motorcycle accidents are usually caused by the negligence of other drivers, liability will often be attributed to these kinds of collisions. However, even though it may seem obvious to the individual hurt in a motorcycle accident that the other driver was at fault, liability is never assumed, and must be proved. Litigating a motorcycle accident case requires strategic decision-making regarding how to proceed, as motorcycle riders are often unfairly burdened by negative stereotypes, which can harm how they are perceived by potential jurors. Opposing attorneys will often seek to perpetuate these stereotypes regarding motorcyclists as bands of outlaws on Harleys or immature teenagers with a need for speed. Both negative images present unique challenges to proving liability.

Due to the size disadvantage and lack of external protection, motorcycle riders are incredibly vulnerable to injury. Typical injuries caused in motorcycle accidents can range from minor injuries such as road rash to the more severe head and neck injuries. Sometimes such accidents can be tragic, resulting in the death of the motorcycle driver and potentially any passengers.

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