Baltimore Radio Personality’s Motorcycle Accident Injuries Demonstrate Vulnerability of Riders

Popular Baltimore area radio show host Ed Norris was able to return to work this week, nearly two months after he was injured in a motorcycle accident in northern Harford County.

On April 24, Norris was riding his Victory motorcycle north on Route 1 when, according to the Maryland State Police accident report, a GMC box truck made a left turn into Route 1 from Route 161 and straight into the path of Norris and his motorcycle.

According to the report, Norris laid his motorcycle down onto the pavement in order to avoid hitting the truck. Thus, while there was no collision of the two vehicles, Norris suffered abrasions and a severe injury to his arm and shoulder, which subsequently required extensive surgery. He continues to suffer severely limited mobility of his injured arm, and is undergoing continued therapies.

The driver of the box truck pleaded guilty of failing to yield to the right of way earlier this month. The court record indicated that he did not contribute to an accident, although it fined him $110.

While this accident thankfully did not end in tragedy, it illustrates how vulnerable motorcycle riders can be, and how greatly negligent drivers can affect them. In this case, by allegedly failing to yield in making a turn, the motorcycle rider had to react quickly in order to avoid colliding with the truck. His decision led to incredibly painful abrasions, and some serious shoulder damage.

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