Wrongful Death Claims for Maryland Motorcycle Accident Victims

When drivers of cars and large trucks collide with motorcycle drivers, the results can be devastating. Motorcycle drivers have less protection from collisions than other drivers, which can lead to severe injuries or even death. Motorcycle drivers in Maryland should be aware of the damages available to them in the event of injury or death resulting from a vehicle collision.

According to a recent report, one person died in a fiery collision between a dump truck and motorcycle driver in Capitol Heights, Maryland. EMS and fire department units were called to the scene, where the dump truck was leaking fuel and on fire. The victim has not been identified and little is known about the cause of the crash. If the dump truck driver is found to be negligent, the motorcycle driver’s family could be entitled to compensation.

Because motorcycle drivers have little protection from the elements or other external factors that arise in a collision, they may experience more severe injuries—especially when the other driver is driving a large truck. In the case of a collision that results in a fire, motorcycle drivers may be particularly vulnerable to severe burns or death. When the other driver failed to exhibit reasonable care in a way that resulted in a collision with a motorcycle driver that lead to that motorcyclist’s injury or death, the motorcyclist or their loved ones may be entitled to bring personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Am I Entitled to Damages if My Loved One Dies in an Accident?

Although damages cannot resolve the many pains inflicted on a victim’s loved ones when that victim dies in a motor vehicle accident, financial relief and a feeling of justice can help, even in a small way. Even if a victim dies without sustaining extensive medical expenses or other damages, the victim’s children, parents, or spouse can often prevail in claims for lost wages. Depending on the victim’s earning power at time of death, these damages can be quite large, because economic damages are not capped or limited by Maryland law.

In addition to lost wages, non-economic damages such as loss of companionship or emotional support are also available to a victim’s family. These damages are limited by Maryland law but could provide additional comfort and compensation to the families and loved ones of motorcycle accident victims. For more help navigating the damages available and the steps required to bring a wrongful death or personal injury claim in Maryland, reach out to a qualified lawyer well-versed in these types of claims.

Do You Need a Maryland Wrongful Death Attorney?

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