Three Bicyclists Injured and Two Left Dead After Intoxicated Driver Crashes Car

Drivers of cars share the roads with not only the drivers of other motor vehicles but also with bicyclists and pedestrians. In today’s world, it is common to see increased use of bicycles as a way to commute. Unsurprisingly, when an accident occurs between a motor vehicle and a bike, it is very likely the cyclist will be the person who is injured in such a crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), bicyclist deaths are highest during the summer months between June and September. In addition, NHTSA reports that nearly three-quarters of all bicyclist deaths occur in urban areas and that failing to yield the right of way is the highest factor in fatal crashes involving bicycles, followed by bicyclists not being visible.

According to a recent news article, a 42-year-old driver was recently criminally charged in a deadly bike accident in Michigan that injured three and killed two bicyclists who were participating in the Make a Wish Bicycle Tour. The Tour was a three-day endurance ride that covered most of the state of Michigan. The 42-year-old driver was heading north when a UPS truck in front of her began to slow down. According to officials, the accident took place on a straight roadway where there were no vision obstructions. The driver moved into the other lane in an attempt to try and go around the UPS truck and ran into a group of bicyclists. The driver has been charged with two counts of operating while intoxicated causing death, one count of operating while intoxicated, and a second offense notice operating while intoxicated.

What Are Drivers' Responsibilities to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident?

All road users should take steps to keep themselves and others safe. There are certain safety precautions that cyclists should take, and certain precautions that drivers of motor vehicles should take in order to make the roads a safer place for everyone. Cyclists should be sure to always begin their bike ride by putting on a helmet that properly fits so that they can have some protection. Wearing bright clothing, reflective gear, and having reflectors on your bike can be other safety precautions taken by bicyclists. Drivers of cars share the road with cyclists and should be sure to yield to bicyclists. When turning right on red, drivers should look to the right and behind them to avoid hitting a bicyclist approaching, in addition to stopping completely and looking left-right-left, and behind before making the right turn on red. Drivers should be sure to give cyclists room. Finally, under no circumstances should drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated, and if someone is planning to drink, they should be sure to arrange alternate transportation that does not include them behind the wheel.

Have You Been Injured in Bicycle Accident Involving a Motor Vehicle in Maryland

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