Wrongful Death Cases Following Fatal Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

Losing a loved one is always a very difficult and trying experience. However, when a loved one is killed in a preventable accident, such as a Maryland motorcycle accident, the feelings of frustration, anger, and loss are difficult to push aside.

In cases involving a negligent driver, the criminal justice system is often disinterested in pursuing a claim against the responsible driver. This is because criminal courts are typically concerned with intentional actions that result in injury, rather than a motorist’s negligence or poor decision-making. And even when a criminal charge is filed, the family of the deceased is typically just along for the ride, having no real role in the proceedings. In addition, even a successful criminal case against a negligent driver will do little to provide for the loss of financial support provided by the deceased. Overall, a criminal charge does little to comfort the family of the deceased other punishing the at-fault driver.

Under the Maryland wrongful death statute, the family members of a Maryland motorcycle accident victim can pursue a civil claim for damages against a negligent driver. Unlike a criminal case, the objective of a Maryland wrongful death case is less focused on the at-fault driver’s violation of the law and more concerned with the loss of life that resulted from the driver’s negligent actions. If successful, the surviving loved one may recover amounts for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of financial support, as well as for emotional damages.

Family of Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident Unsatisfied with Charges against At-Fault Driver

Earlier this year, a 48-year-old man was killed in a Virginia motorcycle accident when another driver allegedly failed to yield to the motorcyclist while making a turn. The driver of the truck that struck the motorcyclist was not injured. After the accident, the other driver was issued a citation for failure to yield, and authorities began an investigation into the crash to determine if additional charges would be brought.

According to a recent news report, the local prosecuting authority determined that there was insufficient evidence to justify the filing of an involuntary manslaughter charge. After hearing that news, the family of the deceased motorcyclist expressed their disappointment and frustration in the prosecutor’s decision. The family explained that they are considering bringing a Virginia wrongful death lawsuit.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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