Law Enforcement Agencies Are Increasingly Relying on Technology to Determine the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland and Across the US

When law enforcement officers respond to a serious Maryland motorcycle accident, the scene is often chaotic. The injured individual must be attended to, witnesses must be located and spoken to, and the scene must be secured and eventually cleaned up promptly as to not create an increased risk of causing a subsequent accident. As a result, determining fault in a Maryland motorcycle accident has always been an art as much as it has been a science, and extraneous factors such as inclement weather and the amount of traffic on the road at the time may influence how thoroughness of a post-accident investigation.

Often, investigators base their conclusions on assumptions. Of course, assumptions must be made, especially when there are conflicting accounts of what happened. Investigators will often “play out” the various witness accounts of what occurred to see which account makes the most sense. This is a time-consuming process, but also a necessary one because it is only after concluding an in-depth investigation that a cause of an accident can be confidently determined. And even then, investigators cannot be sure that they got it right.

According to a local news report, some law enforcement agencies are hoping to use recent advances in technology to assist them in determining the causes of serious traffic accidents. Earlier this month, a Chattanooga police received a call for a motorcycle accident. When officers arrived on the scene, they could immediately tell that there were two fatalities.

Evidently, the police investigators had recently obtained approval to purchase a 3D scanner that allowed them to process the entire scene of the accident digitally. Officers must wait as the machine scans in all the evidence. Depending on the time of day and the evenness of the terrain this can take quite some time. However, once the scene is scanned investigators will be able to run tests at a later time.

Not only does the new technology potentially allow for roads to open more quickly following a serious accident, but it also preserves the evidence at the accident scene. This could be very important, as it allows investigators to plug in additional information if an eyewitness later comes forward with additional evidence.

Of course, not all law enforcement agencies have the funding to acquire this technology, and many still rely on the subjective opinions of investigators. Thus, anyone who has been involved in a serious Maryland motorcycle accident, should consult with a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney who can conduct an independent investigation.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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