When a Few Maryland Motorcyclists Break The Law, Others May Face the Blame

Sometimes, when a Maryland motorcycle accident occurs, it is unclear what exactly happened. These accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and it is surprisingly easy for the people involved and those who witnessed it to actually have no idea what happened. But, in some cases, there is actually a video of the crash. Recently, a certain video of motorcyclists on the interstate made headlines when it showed that the motorcyclists were breaking the law, a huge hazard and potentially leading to major crashes.

According to a local news article, the video shows motorcyclists breaking the law doing slow tricks on the interstate. These slow tricks can be a huge frustration for other drivers on the interstate—they can interfere with the flow of traffic and cause accidents. In short, they put the whole public and drivers in danger. For instance, earlier this year, a group of motorcyclists doing these tricks was in the way of traffic, and a truck tried to pass them but ended up crashing into one. Both the truck driver and the motorcyclist were taken to the hospital, showing how reckless driving can cause serious crashes. And, it is helpful when these motorcycle tricks are caught on camera—if an accident is caused, then officials can refer back to the video to know exactly what happened. These videos can also be used in personal injury lawsuits to prove who caused the accident and who is liable for the ensuing damage.

However, videos like this can cause the general public to believe that all motorcyclists are reckless and constantly causing accidents. But this is an unfair characterization—most motorcyclists are cautious and responsible. If they get into an accident, it is very possible that they were not the cause—but because of videos like these, others involved may assume that it was the motorcyclists’ fault.

What Is the Impact of Bias in Maryland Motorcycle Cases?

Even in cases where motorcyclists are hit by cars and injured or even killed, there may be a dominant narrative that it was their fault. Not only is this unfair, but it can really affect the outcome of their personal injury lawsuit, should they choose to file one. They may want to recover against a driver who hit them and caused them injuries, but perhaps the jury is unfairly biased against them and presumes it was their fault. In situations like this, the motorcyclist will want to rebut this assumption and make their best possible case to the judge, but this can be difficult on their own. That’s why many choose to work with a personal injury attorney—an experienced advocate who can defend their legal rights and who understands the laws in this area.

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