Two Motorcycle Riders Injured After Collision With Automobile

There are many different risks when it comes to driving motorcycles. Those risks include the fact that the smaller profile of motorcycles leaves them vulnerable to car blind spots and the open nature of motorcycles, which can throw drivers from the vehicle upon impact during a crash. Because of these risk factors, on average, driving or riding on a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. Motorcycle riders are not protected by their vehicle in the way that the occupants of a car are. Subsequently, approximately 72 percent of motorcyclists are injured when they crash.

How Frequently Do Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Unfortunately, Maryland drivers are all too familiar with the dangers of motorcycle driving. Maryland on average has 73 motorcycle rider and passenger deaths per year and averages an additional 1,046 riders or drivers injured each year. This issue has continued to get worse in Maryland, with the state seeing an increase in motorcycle crashes from 2019 to 2020. A recent news article discussed an extremely serious motorcycle crash.

According to the news article, the accident happened on the evening of Sunday, September 3, around 5:30 pm. The crash occurred when a sedan was heading east on Allegheny approaching the B Street intersection, while the driver of a motorcycle, a 35-year-old man, and a passenger, a 39-year-old woman, were heading west. The motorcycle driver, attempting to turn left on B Street, drove around an unknown vehicle, and was then hit by the sedan. Both the motorcycle driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital by medics. The driver of the sedan was unharmed and remained on the scene until law enforcement officers arrived on the scene.

Does My Negligence Affect My Maryland Case?

Contributory Negligence is a legal concept that potentially prevents plaintiffs in an accident case from receiving recovery for injuries resulting from a crash if their negligence contributed to the accident to any degree. Essentially, even if the negligence of the operator of another vehicle is largely responsible for the accident if the plaintiff was even a little negligent, it is possible they will not be able to recover compensation. In Maryland, contributory negligence is interpreted very broadly, allowing minor negligence by the plaintiff in personal injury cases to defeat even very strong claims.

Have You Been Hurt in a Maryland Automobile Accident?

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