Moving Truck Strikes and Kills Bicyclist in Residential Neighborhood

The small roads in residential neighborhoods are not designed for large trucks. Most often, these roads do not have bike lanes, are much narrower than their larger counterparts, and require motorists to make tighter turns. Each of these factors present a difficultly for large trucks operating on residential roads.

While it may be difficult for operators of large vehicles to drive on smaller residential roads, sometimes it is necessary. Whether it is a school bus navigating a neighborhood or a moving truck full of a homeowner’s possessions, large vehicles sometimes find themselves on narrow roads. When the need does arise for a large vehicle to use a smaller road, it is imperative that the driver of that vehicle be aware of the layout of the surrounding area, the potential for foot or bicycle traffic, and the limitations of the vehicle in making necessary turns.

If a driver causes a collision while on a small road, anyone harmed as a result may have a claim for damages against the driver, even if it was an “honest mistake.” Indeed, there is no reason that the injured victim be the one who should pay for the mistake of an inexperienced driver.

Moving Truck Kills Bicyclist on Small Residential Road

Earlier this month, one man was killed when he was struck by a moving truck while riding his bicycle. According to one local news report covering the accident, the incident occurred mid-afternoon when the moving truck attempted to make a right turn but ended up swinging wide, encroaching into the other lane of traffic.

Evidently, the truck was heading downhill when it attempted to make the turn. As the truck made the wide right turn, a bicyclist was traveling on the same road and was struck by the vehicle’s rear wheels. It is not clear whether the truck was speeding at the time of the accident.

The bicyclist fell from his bike and was then run over by the truck. The intersection where the accident occurred is a residential neighborhood with street parking on both sides and several tight turns blocked by trees and houses. Police are still in the midst of an investigation, and have not yet filed any charges against the truck’s driver.

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