Garbage Truck Hits Bicyclist and Leaves the Scene, Driver Claims He Was Unaware of the Collision

As Spring approaches, more and more people will pull the bikes out of the garage, dust them off, and start using them as a primary mode of transportation. Indeed, bicycles are a great way to get around in the suburbs and the city. However, riding a bike on a crowded street does present an added level of risk that should be accounted for.

Whether it is a distracted driver who isn’t paying as close attention to the road as they should, or a motorist who does not respect the bicyclist’s right of way, bike accidents are common. Not only are they common, they are also often very serious. This is especially true when the other vehicle involves in a large truck or other commercial vehicle.

While a bicyclist has a duty to take precautions while on the road, that duty also extends to other motorists who share the road with the bicyclist. In fact, under Maryland law, a bicyclist is required to use the road – and not the sidewalk in most circumstances. And when a bicyclist is on the road, it should be treated as any other motor vehicle. This means that drivers should not try and pass the bicyclist unless it is safe to do so, and drivers must yield to the bicyclist if he or she has the right of way. A driver’s failure to do so may result in a serious or fatal accident for which they can be held legally responsible.

Accident with Garbage Truck Kills Bicyclist

Earlier this month in South Carolina, a bicyclist was killed when he was struck by a passing garbage truck. According to one local news report covering the accident, the truck driver did not stop at the scene to render assistance to the man, and continued driving until he was later stopped by authorities. Evidently, the garbage truck driver was employed through a private company and told authorities that he was not aware he had hit a bicyclist.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency workers, and the truck driver was uninjured. Police are currently investigating the accident and may issue a citation or initiate a criminal charge if the driver’s story is proven false.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Two-Wheel Vehicle Accident?

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