Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Involving Left-Turning Vehicles

While there are many causes of Maryland motorcycle accidents, accidents involving another vehicle making a left turn into or in front of a motorcycle are among the most common. In most cases, these accidents are the result of a negligent motorist who fails to take notice of the motorcycle or accurately gauge the speed at which it is approaching. Indeed, experts estimate that roughly 40 percent of all motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are due to the vehicle making a left turn. Maryland left-turn motorcycle accidents result in hundreds of injuries each year, most of which are entirely preventable.

Most left-turn accidents are the result of a driver not accurately being able to assess the speed of an oncoming motorcycle. Motorists are used to driving around other cars and trucks, and have a built-in sense of how quickly these vehicles move. Thus, most of the time, motorists can safely assess the speed of an oncoming car or truck and determine whether they have enough time to complete their left turn. However, the slim profile of a motorcycle challenges motorists’ assumptions because motorcycles often appear to be approaching more slowly than they are.

Another cause of left-turn motorcycle accidents is a driver’s failure to notice an oncoming motorcycle. Again, due to their slim profile, motorcycles may go unnoticed when approaching an intersection. In this situation, motorists may think they have a clear intersection when they do not. Regardless of the cause, left-turn motorcycle accidents are most often the fault of the turning motorist, as vehicles making left turns must yield the right-of-way to those going straight through an intersection. However, if a motorcyclist is speeding as he travels through the intersection, that may result in the motorcyclist losing the right-of-way, essentially making the accident their fault.

Two Killed in Recent Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident

Earlier this month, a motorcyclist and his passenger were both killed after being involved in a fatal left-turn motorcycle accident. According to a local news report covering the tragic accident, the motorcycle was heading northbound through an intersection when a car attempted to make a left turn in front of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was unable to avoid the collision, and crashed into the car, sending both the driver and passenger flying off the bike. Both riders were pronounced dead at the scene, and the crash remains under official investigation.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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