Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Sun Glare and Bright Conditions

While many people consider winter weather and rain as one of the most hazardous driving conditions, sun and glare can cause many Maryland car accidents. A fundamental aspect of safe driving conditions is the driver’s ability to see road conditions and potential hazards. Sun glare and excessive brightness can significantly obstruct a driver’s view, making it nearly impossible to view the roadway.

According to reports by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash statistics, as many as 9,000 glare and sun-related accidents occur every year in the United States. Thereby making sun glare one of the leading causes of environmental-related accidents in the country.

Even though many people prefer to drive on clear and sunny days, excessive brightness or glare can increase the likelihood of an accident. Many of these accidents occur because of glare off the road or other items such as windshields that can reflect onto the driver’s eyes. For example, local news reports described a Maryland accident that took the life of a motorcyclist and seriously injured his passenger. Police explained that an 85-year-old driver stated that he was blinded by the sun when pulling out from a parking lot. As a result, he was in the east and westbound lanes when he slammed into the motorcycle.

Liability in a sun-glare accident is a difficult proposition and requires the victim to establish negligence on the driver’s part. This can be challenging because the driver does not have control over a sudden glare in many cases. Negligent drivers may assert that an emergency such as a sudden temporary sun glare negates their liability. However, this type of emergency does not necessarily reduce their liability or require them to engage in a reduced standard of due care.

Do Other Drivers Have to Be Careful Around Motorcyclists?

Yes, the law imposes a duty on drivers to ensure that they engage in safe driving practices. Safe driving practices may involve ensuring that drivers have access to sunglasses or attempt to avoid the sun’s glare. Essentially, like any other weather condition, the law requires drivers to engage in different driving behaviors to account for these changes. While the law lays out the standard of care, it is vital that injury victims contact an attorney to ensure that the other party is held responsible for their negligent conduct.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Accident

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