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Summer is fast upon us. Motorcycle riders have already been flooding the city streets and roadways across Maryland. But as any good rider knows, motorcycle-automobile accidents can be unforgiving on bikers and their passengers. Many motorcycle and car accidents become very tragic because a motorcyclist has little protection against the mass of a car, SUV or pickup truck.

Where a driver of a car or truck is relatively protected in the case of a crash, a motorcyclist and his or her passenger can receive the direct impact from another vehicle. Motorcycle occupants can also be thrown far from the scene of a bike wreck. As a result, motorcycle accidents have rather high injury rates that include broken bones and lacerations, neck and spine injuries, traumatic head injuries, and other permanent and non-permanent injuries.

Wearing a helmet is one of the best choices a motorcyclist can make to improve his chances of surviving a bad motorcycle crash. The proper helmets can reduce the incidence of fatal head injuries by a large percentage. The use of various protective outerwear and good footwear can also mean the difference between minor and serious injury, or even death.

Where there’s one there is usually another, or so the saying goes. As more than one motorcycle rider has commented, seeing one deer or other large animal by the side of the road means at least another may be close by. This kind of thinking has saved many a biker from a serious motorcycle crash due to wildlife in the roadway. Of course, safety should always be the primary concern of any rider who takes his riding seriously.

Even so, traffic accidents like car-bike crashes can and do happen. For owners of Yamahas, Ducatis, Harley-Davidsons and Buells, avoiding a traffic accident is a full-time job when operating a motorcycle on public roads. Heavy traffic and rush hour congestion only increases the risk to bikers of every kind.

Not too long ago, a couple unrelated traffic accidents sent two riders to the hospital on the same day. Based on news reports at the time, one of the motorcyclists was involved in a single-vehicle crash in Pasadena, while the other hit a large sport utility vehicle in Glen Burnie.

Even the most simple of traffic incidents can turn a pleasant motorcycle ride into a fight for life. That was the case in mid September when a 36-year-old man crashed on his cycle after a run-in with a small deer not far from his home. The partners at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers have the background to help persons who have been injured on a motorcycle. In cases such as this one, a relatively small animal caused the rider to be thrown from his bike nearly 50 feet, which resulted in very severe injuries.

According to a news report, Charlie Buckheit was riding his motorcycle along Bodkin Avenue when a small doe leapt in front of his bike. Although it was a small deer, about 100 pounds or so according to his wife, the collision was sufficient to knock Buckheit off his bike.

At 265 pounds, the rider was large enough to weather the hit with the deer, however a lighter person may have been killed by the crash. According to his wife, the man landed in a pile of grass and leaves, which may have softened his landing. He was also wearing a helmet, which was probably an important factor in his survival — it’s not uncommon for motorcyclists to suffer fatal traumatic brain injuries in accidents such as this one.

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