Pasadena, MD, Man Critically Injured in Motorcycle Crash following Neighborhood Deer Encounter

Even the most simple of traffic incidents can turn a pleasant motorcycle ride into a fight for life. That was the case in mid September when a 36-year-old man crashed on his cycle after a run-in with a small deer not far from his home. The partners at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers have the background to help persons who have been injured on a motorcycle. In cases such as this one, a relatively small animal caused the rider to be thrown from his bike nearly 50 feet, which resulted in very severe injuries.

According to a news report, Charlie Buckheit was riding his motorcycle along Bodkin Avenue when a small doe leapt in front of his bike. Although it was a small deer, about 100 pounds or so according to his wife, the collision was sufficient to knock Buckheit off his bike.

At 265 pounds, the rider was large enough to weather the hit with the deer, however a lighter person may have been killed by the crash. According to his wife, the man landed in a pile of grass and leaves, which may have softened his landing. He was also wearing a helmet, which was probably an important factor in his survival — it’s not uncommon for motorcyclists to suffer fatal traumatic brain injuries in accidents such as this one.

In regard to this crash, the man’s injuries were extensive. According to reports, Buckheit broke nine ribs, his collar bone and his shoulder blade. The impact also punctured both of his lungs and caused bleeding in his brain — the crash also resulted in injury to the right frontal lobe of Buckheit’s brain; he floated in and out of consciousness for several weeks at the hospital.

The news article reminded of the danger of brain injuries, and as the man’s wife suggested there will be a long road to recovery. “We still don’t know what’s going to happen,” Buckheit’s wife Tammy said. “We won’t know the full effects of the brain injury for a full year.”

The man returned home after spending a full month in the hospital. The costs of that stay will likely cause a burden on the family, even though he reportedly will receive disability checks equal about 60 percent of his income as a driver for Annapolis beer distributor, Katcef Bros. His wife plans to work from home as long as she can, but she may have to take an unpaid leave of absence to continue to care for her husband and keep costs low.

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