Baltimore Motorcycling Accident News: Hyattsville Man Dies, Passenger Injured in Prince George’s County Motorcycle Crash

Products liability covers a range of topics one of which is defective vehicle equipment that may be responsible for motorcycle, trucking and passenger car accidents. Faulty, poorly designed, or incorrectly maintained vehicle components, systems and safety equipment has been known to be the main cause a many vehicle crashes and resulting traffic accidents.

As a Maryland personal injury attorney who represents bikers injured as a result of a crash on a highway, rural road or city street, my main objective to help that victim and his or her family recover various medical cost and lost wages suffered as a result of the accident. For families who have lost a loved one as a result of a bike crash, the burden can be especially hard when the deceased was the primary breadwinner for the family.

If defective equipment is to blame, there may be a third party to consider in a suit. It’s not uncommon for defective equipment and components to be a source of both minor and serious motorcycle accidents. Depending on the particular system that failed on the bike, the resulting wreck can cause injuries from cuts and bruises to internal bleeding, permanent spinal cord damage and even fatal brain trauma.

A recent news article illustrated how a rider can be killed as a result of a collision. According to police reports, a 49-year-old Hyattsville man was killed on an early Sunday morning while riding with a passenger on his bike along University Boulevard near Baltimore Avenue.

According to reports, the two individuals were traveling west on University, approaching an overpass at Baltimore Avenue near MD-193. Police reports indicate that the driver apparently failed to negotiate a lane barrier, which the motorcycle hit head-on. There was no indication if defective equipment was to blame, though police likely would investigate that and other potential causes since no other vehicles where reportedly involved.

Emergency crews arriving to care for the victims found the man dead at the scene. His passenger, a 43-year-old Hyattsville woman was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries at Prince George’s Hospital.

Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident on University Boulevard,, August 8, 2010

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