Who Is at Fault in a Maryland Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident?

After a Maryland accident, more than one party or cause may be responsible for the accident. While determining responsibility and apportioning fault is essential in any state, it is a determinative factor in Maryland. It is especially critical in Maryland because if a plaintiff is found to be responsible at all for the accident, they will not be able to recover at all for their losses. In addition to aiding oncoming drivers, an attorney can assist left-hand turner drivers in establishing that the other driver was at fault. As such, accident victims and their loved ones should make sure that they contact an attorney to develop and present a strong case.

Left-hand turn accidents usually occur when one driver making a left comes into contact with a driver proceeding straight. Even though left-hand turn accidents usually stem from the negligence of the left-hand driver, in some cases, the other driver may be liable. This often occurs if the oncoming driver ran a red light or broke another traffic law. However, the first step in any liability inquiry is whether the left-hand turner followed Maryland’s traffic rules. The rule is straightforward: motorists making a left-hand turn only have the right of way when they have a green arrow at an intersection. Absent an arrow; the left-hand turner must always yield to traffic.

Why Are Left Turns So Dangerous for Motorcycles?

Left-hand turns are dangerous maneuvers because they require the turning driver to pay attention to several areas at once. The driver must be aware of oncoming traffic and pedestrians coming from multiple directions. Most of these accidents occur because of sudden stops, a driver’s inability to gauge speed, blind turns, and busy intersections. Further, heavy traffic, pedestrians, nighttime driving, and geographic considerations may impact the likelihood of an accident. The impact can have catastrophic consequences on anyone in the vicinity of the accident.

Recently, a news report described a deadly accident between a pickup truck and a motorcycle. The pickup truck approached an intersection in the left turn lane when it turned in front of a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver was approaching the intersection and slammed into the side of the pickup truck. Emergency responders transported the motorcycle driver to the hospital, but he later succumbed to his injuries. It is unclear whether the pickup truck had a left-turn arrow when he was making the turn.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Accident?

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