Two Maryland Riders Killed in Separate, Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Wrecks; Excessive Speed Blamed in Each

As Baltimore motorcycle and automobile accident attorneys, I and my colleagues are familiar with the dangers that bikers face every time they hit the road here in Maryland, as well as in the District of Columbia. Whether one rides out of necessity, such as to save money, or if motorcycling is just an enjoyable pastime, the potential for bodily injury and even death are much higher for riders of two-wheel vehicles then for the rest of the motor public.

By its very nature, a motorcycle offers much less protection than a car, SUV or minivan. So, when a bike rider tangles with a slightly larger and much more massive passenger vehicle the results can be catastrophic. Moreover, pitting oneself as a motorcyclist against a commercial delivery truck or over-the-road semi tractor-trailer rig is far from a wise choice. With just a fraction of the mass and next to no protection from personal injury, a biker has little chance of avoiding severe or debilitating injuries should he or she collide with, or be hit by a larger motor vehicle on the highway or even in town.

Knowing the dangers is, of course, just the first step toward a long and successful career of defensive riding with few if any bad accidents. As many a motorcyclist will attest, being ready for the unexpected is one of the hallmarks of a good rider. Not that any of us can predict the future, however the safest motorcycle riders know innately the kinds of traffic or riding situations that can spell potential trouble for them.

As Maryland personal injury lawyers, our job is to help victims of motorcycle and automobile collisions to recoup costs resulting from a roadway accident or other such wreck. There is no typical kind of bike collision, just as there is no specific car-pedestrian accident or slip-and-fall incident. The main thing is to know that should a crash occur — one that results in the need for medical attention or rehabilitation after the fact — it is always best to contact a qualified legal professional to better understand one’s rights when it comes to cost recovery.

And while medical and physical rehab costs are usually the largest single expenditures that a car accident victim may experience, any lost wages or other incidental loses tied to the event should also be considered when determining liability. Sadly, those who are killed on their bikes never have the chance to go back to work and support their family. Nor will they ever get to spend time with their spouse, children or loved ones. Such was the case for two individuals whose stories we ran across a little while back.

According to one news item, one of the two deceased motorcycle riders was killed in a traffic accident involving a dump truck in Harford County, MD. Based on police reports, 24-year-old Samuel Agostini was riding south along a stretch of Harford Road when his bike apparently hit one of the rear tires of a commercial dump truck. The rider was allegedly traveling at a “high rate” of speed when he reportedly crossed the centerline around 11am during a passing maneuver in the vicinity of the Reckord Rd. intersection.

As a result of his high speed, the rider was not able to avoid the fatal collision, according to police investigators. Following the impact, the man was ejected from his mount and thrown to the pavement right in front of another vehicle, which was stopped at the intersection. The victim was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma, however doctors and nurses were unable to save him and he died a while later.

In another, unrelated incident, a 45-year-old man died while on an evening motorcycle ride along a portion of MD Rte 99. Police reports showed that the traffic accident happened near Alpha Ridge Park when the rider’s Honda CBR left the roadway just a little after 6pm on a Sunday. The resident of Woodbine, MD, was transported by emergency personnel to Howard County General Hospital, but was apparently pronounced dead on arrival. Police cited speed as one of the causes of the crash; there was no mention of whether defective equipment may have been a contributing factor in the single-vehicle wreck.

Motorcyclist dies in dump truck crash,, June 27, 2012
Motorcyclist killed in collision with dump truck,, June 27, 2012
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