Tragic Md. 77 Motorcycle Accident Foils Marriage Proposal

A Frederick area man died in a motorcycle accident last week, as he was following his long-time girlfriend’s car while she was driving in front of him.

The crash occurred last weekend near the 5800 block of Md. 77 near Thurmont. According to reports from the Maryland State Police, the collision occurred when the 56-year-old motorcyclist lost control of his bike and skidded into oncoming traffic, where he became pinned between the motorcycle and another vehicle.

The man’s girlfriend had been driving in front of him, as the two were returning from an American Legion fundraiser he had been participating in. The woman later learned that the man had been planning to propose to her soon.

The man, who was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police believe that wet pavement could have been a factor in the crash, as it had recently rained and the pavement was damp at the time.

While limited information is available regarding the circumstances surrounding the cause of the man’s crash, the tragic accident is representative of two factors that contribute to tragedy in motorcycle cases.

Firstly, contrary to what many people might think about motorcycle drivers, motorcyclists are usually extremely safe drivers and typically abide by all of the required traffic regulations. However, even when motorcyclists are safe, they remain incredibly vulnerable to injury. They are exposed to the open road and many of the most serious injuries occur when the motorcyclist has been thrown from their bike, and in many cases extensive damage is caused when they collide with a car or another object. While head injuries are the leading cause of death in Maryland motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists also frequently suffer broken bones, severe skin abrasions (road rash), and spinal cord injuries.

Secondly, while investigators stated that the damp pavement may have been to blame for causing the driver to lose control, sometimes it is negligently maintained roads that can lead to accident and/or injury. If you believe that road conditions may have been to blame for causing your motorcycle accident, or that of a loved one, consult with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in order to discuss your potential legal options.

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