The Dangers that Arise when Motorcyclists Lay Down Their Bikes

Motorcycle accidents can be devasting or even deadly for the motorcyclists involved. Some motorcyclists attempt to avoid a collision between their motorcycle and another vehicle by using what is known as the lay-down. This involves a motorcyclist laying down their bike in order to avoid a collision or to stop severe injuries from occurring, although this technique has not been proven to prevent injury.

In a recent news report, officers responded to an accident that killed one motorcyclist in Louisville, Kentucky. According to initial reports from witnesses, the motorcyclist laid his bike down to avoid another vehicle. The motorcyclist was sent to a local hospital where he later died.

Laying down a motorcycle can present various dangers, including injuries to the brain, head and legs, and severe road rash. In addition to the bike continuing to travel at a high speed, motorcyclists who attempt to lay down their bike may also find that they will be unable to control where they end up. Modern motorcycles have better technology, including anti-lock brakes and tires with better traction, all of which may help motorcyclists avoid collisions. Being an alert driver is also a very important part of sharing the roads with other drivers and pedestrians.

Who Is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Where a Rider Lays Down Their Bike?<br />

Legally, the question of fault comes up in accident suits. To establish liability, a plaintiff or the person filing the suit must prove that the defendant violated a duty of care that they owed to the accident victim. The defendant’s breach of duty must be shown to have been the cause of the accident victim’s injury or death. In Maryland, under the doctrine of contributory negligence, an accident victim who shares responsibility in causing an accident cannot recover for their injuries. Maryland stands out in comparison to many other states because in Maryland, under the contributory negligence doctrine, any amount of negligence on behalf of the victim bars a victim’s recovery. It can be difficult and tricky to determine fault in accidents and to navigate insurance claims.

A motorcyclist who is involved in an accident with another vehicle and in particular in accidents involving the motorcyclist laying down their bike can present a tricky question of who is the at-fault driver. Connecting with an experienced accident lawyer can be essential for accident victims who need assistance navigating Maryland negligence laws.

Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Crash in Maryland

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