SUV and Motorcycle Collide in Texas, Injuring Four

In what the news reports are calling a “late night accident,” a Kawasaki motorcycle collided with a Chevrolet Tahoe earlier this week in Texas. According to a report by the local CBS affiliate, the accident occurred shortly after 10:30 p.m. when the Kawasaki ran into the back of the Tahoe. Both people on the motorcycle were taken to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. The driver of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. The two in the Tahoe suffered only minor injuries and were not taken to the hospital.

At this early point, police believe that speed and/or alcohol may have been involved in the accident.

Drinking and Driving Kills, Especially on Motorcycles

It’s not news to anyone that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. Each year across the country thousands of motorists die from drunk-driving related accidents. While the numbers of motorcyclists injured are only a fraction of that number, the likelihood of an accident being fatal is much higher when one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle. For this reason, if you are a motorcyclist, a drunk driver is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

In 2008, the most recent year with available data, there were 84 motorcycle deaths in Maryland alone. In about 27% of these cases, the motorcyclist was impaired, meaning that his or her blood alcohol level was at or above .08. What is unknown is what percent of the other drivers were also impaired.

Motorcyclists Enjoy the Same Rights As Other Motorists

Motorcyclists have every right to be on the road as those who drive cars or trucks. While it is common sense that motorcyclists should take additional precautions to help ensure their own safety, these are precautions that all drivers must take in order to ensure a safe driving experience for everyone.

Maryland Motorcycle Accident Laws

If you have been involved in a Maryland motorcycle accident, the laws of Maryland protect you and provide you a right to recover monetary damages to compensate you for your medical bills, future medical expenses, as well as any pain and suffering caused by the accident. However, some of the intricacies surrounding Maryland’s negligence law can occasionally bar recovery for a victim who is found to be even the littlest bit at fault. For this reason, it is critically important to your Maryland motorcycle accident claim that you enlist the assistance of an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney as early in the process as possible.

What To Do if You Have Been Involved in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident

The first and most important thing to do is to make sure that you attend to all your medical needs. After you have stated the healing process and have decided that you are interested in learning more about filing a lawsuit to recover monetary damages due to the negligence of another driver, you should speak with a skilled Maryland motorcycle accident attorney at the personal injury law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers. Working together with an experienced attorney increases your chance of being successful in your pursuit for justice. Click here, or call 410-654-3600 to speak to an attorney today.

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