Settlement Offers in Maryland Motorcycle Accident Cases

It is often said that over 95% of all cases are resolved through some kind of settlement agreement. Thus, it is almost a certainty that an accident victim will be made at least one offer to settle their case before it reaches trial. Settlement negotiations are consequently an essential part of a Maryland motorcycle case, even if the agreement is not accepted.

There are several reasons why so many cases settle. Primarily, it is because insurance companies are the ones defending most personal injury cases. Insurance companies are for-profit companies and, because of the nature of their business, they prefer to know what their exposure will be. That being the case, if an insurance company can settle a case for a known dollar amount, it may be willing to do so to avoid taking the case to trial and the possibility of a much larger verdict.

While this sounds reasonable in theory, in practice insurance companies tend to prey upon the desperation and suffering of accident victims. Many accident victims do not know the ins and outs of the insurance business, and by approaching accident victims at a very vulnerable time, insurance companies hope to settle claims for far less than they may be worth. A recent article discusses a motorcycle accident victim’s decision to turn down a settlement offer and take the case to trial. Of course, each case is different, and injury victims should only decide what to do with their claim after consulting with a dedicated Maryland motorcycle accident attorney.

According to the news report, a motorcyclist attempted to pass a vehicle on the right illegally. However, as the motorcyclist passed the car, the driver of the vehicle initiated a sudden right turn into a fast-food restaurant parking lot. The motorcycle struck the passenger side of the car, seriously injuring the passenger on the motorcycle.

The passenger settled a claim against the motorcyclist for an undisclosed amount. The driver’s insurance company offered to settle the passenger’s claim against it for $9,500. However, the passenger’s claim against the driver of the vehicle that struck the motorcycle proceeded towards trial, where the jury determined that the motorcyclist was 80% at fault and the other driver 20% at fault. As a result, the passenger was awarded $400,000 for her injuries.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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