School Bus / Motorcycle Accident Results in Three Fatalities

When motorcycle accidents occur, they can be scary and devasting for a multitude of reasons. When motorcycle accidents occur and involve large vehicles, such as trucks or vehicles transporting groups, it can lead to serious harm. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2020, 5,579 motorcyclists died in motor vehicle accidents, most of which were preventable.

According to a recent news report, a 28-year-old motorcyclist in Florida is dead and two children were injured after a crash involving a school bus. The motorcyclist was traveling west, while a school bus was stopped facing south on the highway. The school bus entered the intersection and into the path of the motorcycle, and the motorcycle collided with the left of the school bus. At the time, there were five children on the bus.

What Is the Best Way for Motorcyslits to Stay Safe?

In addition to being properly licensed and using Department of Transportation-compliant motorcycle helmets, there are additional factors that can help keep motorcyclists safe. This includes checking your motorcycle to ensure that the motorcycle will be safe to drive, including checking the tire pressure, hand and foot brakes, headlights and signals, and fluid levels. Checking for signs of oil or gas leaks can also be equally as important. While not all accidents can be prevented, these are some of the few steps that motorcyclists can take to help keep them safe. For other motorists, they must remain aware and mindful of the fact that they are sharing the road with motorcyclists. This includes checking blind spots properly, keep a good distance between your vehicle and the motorcyclist, and remaining generally aware of where motorcyclists are in relation to your vehicle.

In addition, there are important laws in the state of Maryland that have been put in place to help keep motorists safe. It is important that motorists follow these safety laws, which include, at a base level, drivers in Maryland needing a Class M license in order to drive a motorcycle. Maryland also requires riders to use approved eye-protection, such as goggles, or windscreens – all of which must meet FDA safety standards. All motorists must follow state laws. Again, unfortunately, not all accidents can be prevented, If you find yourself as a victim in a motorcycle accident, connect with an experienced lawyer today.

Have You Been Hurt in a Maryland Automobile Accident?

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