Recent Severe Weather May Increase the Number of Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

July has seen some intense weather on the Eastern United States, as severe storms have traveled all across the coast, including Maryland. With the climate changing, severe weather is thought to become more and more common across the United States, and summer rainstorms are just one example. While severe storms can cause a lot of damage to property, power lines, and infrastructure, it is important to recognize that they are also associated with higher rates of Maryland accidents. This is particularly of concern for Maryland motorcyclists—who may be at increased risk when driving in a storm.

For example, a fatal motorcycle accident occurred earlier this month. The accident was caused in part by the severe storms passing over the area. According to a local news report, the accident occurred on a Sunday afternoon. The motorcyclist had decided to park beneath an overpass to stay dry and wait out the storm. However, another vehicle tragically lost control in the severe weather and hit the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist died, and there is no publicly available information on the status of the driver who hit him.

The tragic accident above shows how quickly a storm can create dangerous driving conditions, and how quickly those conditions can lead to a fatal crash. One of the biggest concerns for motorcyclists driving in Maryland is visibility. Because motorcyclists are smaller than the typical vehicle on the road, there may be times when other cars or trucks are unaware of them while passing or merging, causing a deadly crash. This is especially of concern when weather conditions result in reduced visibility. Rain, hail, sleet, or snow can all interfere with a driver’s visibility. Sometimes, they may not see the motorcyclist at all, or until it’s too late. Additionally, intense weather conditions can make it difficult to swerve to avoid an accident or even stay straight on the road. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries due to their relative lack of protection and barriers between them and the road or other vehicles.

All Maryland drivers should be on high-alert for motorcyclists while driving, and especially when turning, passing, or merging. Additionally, special precautions should be taken in severe weather—especially when it affects visibility. In storms this summer, drivers should avoid driving when possible until the weather is clear. If they must drive, motorists should reduce speed and pay close attention to their surroundings, to minimize the chances of an accident.

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