Recent Accident Results in First Scooter-Share Fatality

Not long ago, this blog discussed the growing popularity of scooter-share companies across major U.S. cities. A scooter-share is a city-wide system where customers can rent motorized scooters on a short-term basis, and drop the scooters off at any of the scooter stations across the city.

The scooter-share companies experienced some significant pushback when expanding into new cities based on the fear that the presence of a scooter-share would result in roadways and sidewalks being more crowded with inexperienced riders. Notwithstanding these concerns, Dallas, Texas recently approved a scooter-share program proposed by the company, Lime.

Unfortunately, Dallas just recently suffered its first fatal accident involving the scooter-share program. According to a recent news report, the scooter’s rider was killed in what at this point seems to have been an accident of unknown cause. An incident of this nature is relevant to Maryland scooter accident victims as scooter-shares become increasingly popular throughout the nation.

Evidently, the victim’s friend received a call from the victim asking his friend to call for a ride for the victim because he had fallen off the scooter. The friend called a Lyft for the victim, but by the time the Lyft driver arrived to pick up the victim a few minutes later, the victim was lying unconscious in the street. The scooter was in lying in the street, broken into two pieces, more than 300 feet away.

The police are not investigating the accident as a hit-and-run accident, although the victim’s father strongly believes that another motorist hit his son while he was riding the scooter. He told reporters that the physical injuries his son sustained, as well as the significant damage to the scooter itself suggests another vehicle was involved. Lime scooters travel at a maximum speed of only 15 miles per hour.

Liability in Scooter Accidents

As is the case with Maryland car accidents, there may be any number of potentially liable parties in a scooter accident. Of course, if another motorist causes the collision they can be named as a defendant. However, there may be other potentially liable parties. For example, if the scooter itself was defective, the vehicle’s manufacturer may be subject to liability based on a Maryland product liability case. In accidents involving a scooter that belonged to a scooter-share program, the company that operates the scooter-share could also be a potentially liable party, depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Scooter Accident?

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