Overcoming Bias in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Case

As the weather continues to warm, many motorcyclists will take to the roads for daily transportation and leisure. Most motorcyclists understand the importance of driving safely; however, accidents still occur. Whether consciously or not, the media and law enforcement often impose negative biases towards motorcyclists. These biases can significantly impact a motorcyclist’s recovery after a Maryland motorcycle accident. Stereotypes associated with riders often color them as reckless and dangerous. In turn, riders face a disadvantage during settlement negotiations, insurance disputes, and personal injury lawsuits. It is vital that motorcyclists contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies after an accident.

There are many unfair biases that an attorney can help a motorcyclist overcome. The main biases and prejudices that motorcyclists face come from law enforcement, medical providers, jurors, and media depictions of an accident. For instance, recently, a news report described a collision between a motorcycle and a mail truck. According to the article, the mail truck was stopped while attempting to turn left when a motorcycle drove into the vehicle’s side. The rider was ejected from his bike and suffered fatal injuries in the accident.

In cases such as the one above, the article describes the incident through a lens that may lead a reader to infer that the motorcycle improperly went through the light and hit the mail truck. These incidents often get reported to the police with the same inference. Law enforcement may enter a situation assuming that the motorcyclist was reckless. This perception may skew the entire investigation.

Further medical providers often maintain similar biases towards motorcyclists who seek treatment after an accident. This may be especially apparent when a healthcare provider reviews a police report as part of their treatment. The impact of these police and medical reports is often most evident during jury trials. In addition to the inherent biases jurors may possess, medical findings and police reports may enhance their deep-seated beliefs about motorcyclists. This can drastically impact how much a rider may recover for their accident and whether they may be liable for any contributory negligence.

What Challenges Does a Motorcycle Accident Victim Face When Bringing a Personal Injury Clain?

Unfortunately, combating insurance and juror bias is an unfair challenge that motorcycle accident victims must often face when bringing a personal injury claim. Motorcycle accident victims should seek assistance from a dedicated and zealous advocate to ensure that they recover the damages they deserve. An experienced attorney can present the judge or jury with a compelling and legally sound case on behalf of Maryland riders.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident?

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