North Beach Motorcyclist Killed in Crash with Police Car in Calvert County, MD

We all know that over the past decade, economic factors have added a certain percentage of people into the ranks of motorcyclists, both here in the Maryland area, as well as across the nation. There is no denying that motorcycles and scooters are economical and, some would say, exhilarating modes of transport in at a time when gas prices threaten the very stability of many households. However, as Baltimore personal injury attorneys, we must throw up a cautionary message to all riders: Always remember that with any kind of motor vehicle or other automotive conveyance, there are serious hazards with which to contend.

As motorcycle and automobile accident lawyers, the legal staff at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, understand the draw that the open road has to the typical motorcycle rider. We know that most every riding enthusiast feels the tug of excitement and freedom from a bike that no passenger car driver will likely ever experience. That feeling — of being one with the road, out in the elements amidst nature with the wind in one’s face — can certainly be an inexorable force. But keep in mind, as we know having represented individuals who have been hurt, maimed or killed while riding a motorcycle, that the exhilaration and excitement of motorcycling should always be tempered by a sober understanding of all the risks inherent in the sport.

A motorcyclist can be the most cautious and prepared rider out there, but nothing is for certain. Remember that Injuries sustained in bike accidents, unlike those experienced by occupants of passenger cars and other large motor vehicles, can often be severe, long-lasting and potentially life-altering, if not outright fatal. The small size of a motorcycle and the obviously over-exposed position of its rider are just two of the reasons why every biker worth his or her salt practices their own version of risk management. Accidents involving commercial trucks, passenger cars and city buses can occur out of the blue.

Still, the unexpected often happens. Take for instance a crash that occurred in Calvert County, MD, earlier this past fall. According to news reports, a 31-year-old resident of North Beach, Maryland, was riding along a stretch of Broomes Island Rd. on a Wednesday night when for some reason he lost control of his bike and slammed into an oncoming sheriff’s patrol car. The fatal accident, which police were still investigating at the times of the news article, left the victim dead at the scene apparently from multiple life-threatening injuries.

The crash, which occurred just a little past eight o’clock, left the rider’s 2003 Kawasaki in heavily damage condition and the police cruiser also with significant damage to its front end and grille areas. The rider was apparently thrown from the bike as a result of the impact; emergency crews arriving on the scene reportedly found the biker lying in the westbound shoulder of the roadway.

At the time of the article, the local crash reconstruction team was still performing its investigation, but from the sound of things, the westbound rider must have lost control of the bike, which then began to slide across the double yellow, eventually colliding with the eastbound police cruiser. News reports indicate that the patrolman inside the car sustained only minor injuries, but was still taken to Calvert Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment before being subsequently released.

Motorcycle rider killed after collision,, August 16, 2012

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