Multi-Vehicle Accidents Involving Motorcyclists

When an collision between two vehicles occurs, those in the immediate vicinity of the accident may have a difficult time avoiding the effects of the accident. These multi-vehicle crashes, or chain-reaction accidents, have a capability to inflict massive damage and threaten the lives of all involved. This is especially true regarding motorcyclists, who, due to the nature of their vehicles, have less protection and may require additional distance to come to a complete and controlled stop.

That being the case, a motorcyclist who is unable to avoid a collision is not necessarily at fault for his inability to do so. Neither is a motorcyclist to blame for the injuries they sustained in an accident, even if the injuries would not have been as severe had the motorcyclist been driving a car or a truck. Instead, courts will look at whether the motorcyclist did anything to cause the accident. If it is determined that the motorcyclist was merely a victim and did not contribute to the accident, the motorcyclist or their surviving family members may be entitled to monetary compensation from the at-fault driver or drivers.

Multi-Vehicle Motorcycle Accident Claims Veteran Police Officer’s Life

Earlier this month, one man was killed and a dozen others injured when several vehicles were involved in a serious multi-vehicle accident on a Miami highway. According to one local news source, the accident took place in the afternoon hours and involved a total of five vehicles, including one motorcycle.

Evidently, the cause of the accident is still under investigation, and there were many witnesses to the accident. In fact, the scene of the accident was in such disarray that the intersection where the accident occurred was closed for several hours while investigators tried to figure out exactly what happened. However, due to the complexity of the accident, the investigation was not completed.

Four cars suffered serious damage as a result of the accident, and the motorcycle was reportedly nearly beyond recognition. Of those involved in the accident, two were seriously injured, seven sustained minor injuries and were treated at the scene of the accident, and one man was killed. The one fatality was of a veteran police officer who was just one year from retirement.

Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

Maryland law permits anyone injured in a motorcycle accident to seek monetary compensation through a Maryland personal injury lawsuit. Anyone recently injured in a Maryland motorcycle accident can learn more about personal injury lawsuits in Maryland by contacting an experienced attorney.

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