Motorcyclist Killed at Intersection When Driver Turns without Protected Arrow

Earlier this week in a tragic accident out or California, a motorcyclist lost his life when a pickup truck attempted to cross an intersection without a protected green arrow. According to a report by the local ABC affiliate, the motorcyclist was heading west as he was nearing the intersection. As he approached, the light turned green for both the motorcyclist as well as opposing traffic. A pickup truck traveling eastbound on the same road proceeded into the intersection and cut off the motorcyclist, leaving the motorcyclist little option but to run into the side of the truck.

A police officer explained the situation as follows:

This intersection is not controlled by a turn arrow, meaning that when the light turns green the person in the turn lane has to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic . . . when the light turned green, the driver of the Ford F-150 proceeded to go.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. A nearby business owner told reporters that the intersection is known to be dangerous. Indeed, the business owner explained that in the past three months he has personally witnessed six accidents. After this most recent accident, the business owner began to collect signatures on a petition for the city to change the way the light operates, potentially adding a protected area or a delayed green light.

Accident investigators do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.

Failure to Yield Accident in Maryland

This type of accident is called a “failure to yield” accident or an “improper left turn” accident. As the police officer noted in his statement, when a light does not provide a protected green arrow for vehicles turning left, that vehicle must yield to oncoming traffic. Failure to do so is against Maryland traffic laws.

Not only can a driver be cited for failing to yield, but that driver can also be held financially responsible to the family of the accident victim for their tragic loss. This is what is called a “wrongful death” cause of action in Maryland courts.

Wrongful Death Actions in Maryland

In Maryland, those who have lost a family member due to the negligence or illegal behavior of another, may file a wrongful death action against that person. The law requires that the person bringing the suit is of a sufficiently close relationship with the victim, however. So it is therefore important to make sure you speak to a Maryland personal injury attorney to see if you may qualify.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

If you have lost a loved one in a Maryland motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for you loss through a wrongful death action. To find out more about Maryland’s wrongful death laws, and to discuss the facts of your case in detail, contact an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney today. One of the skilled lawyers at the Maryland motorcycle accident firm Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers is prepared to meet with you at your convenience. Click here, or call 410-654-3600 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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