Motorcyclist Killed After Being Struck by Multiple Vehicles in Highway Crash

It is commonly known that motorcycle riders are at greater risk of injury and or death than car riders, but the actual disparity in risk is higher than one might think. In fact, some sources claim that for every mile traveled, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely than car riders to have a fatal accident. Given the tremendous risk of motorcycle accidents and the potentially fatal results of such crashes, both motorcyclists and drivers of cars should take extreme precautions when it comes to navigating traffic situations involving motorcycles and sharing the road.

Tragic and horrifying accidents are unfortunately all too common in Maryland and show the need for car drivers and motorcyclists to engage in exceedingly careful when driving at high speeds near or around motorcycles.

What Makes Riding a Motorcycle So Dangerous?

The smaller profile of motorcycles creates a greater likelihood of motorcycles occupying blind spots of larger vehicles and the open nature of motorcycle riding creates unique harm for riders involved in any crashes. When operators of larger vehicles only look out for other large vehicles and cars and fail to pay special attention to motorcycles and smaller vehicles, it places the smaller vehicles at great risk. In the event that a driver fails to see another vehicle, resulting in a crash, they could face both civil and criminal legal liability. A recent news article discussed a local fatal motorcycle crash.

According to the local news article about a motorcycle accident in Maryland, the accident occurred late in the evening on Friday, June 30, after a motorcycle and another vehicle collided. According to law enforcement officials, the motorcycle rider, a 19-year-old was traveling North on the 3200 block of Quaker Avenue when he was struck by a 28-year-old driver, who was traveling South on the 3100 block of Quaker Avenue. The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in the crash and was transported to the University Medical Center where he later died from his injuries. Law enforcement officials stated that the driver was taken into police custody and was later charged with intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle.

Is There a Statute of Limitation for Maryland Motorcycle Accidents?

Yes, the statute of limitation for Maryland motorcycle accidents is three years. However, it is important to act on a claim earlier rather than later, as delays could decrease the chances of a successful claim. Waiting too long could make it difficult to locate witnesses and secure evidence that could be vital to proving a case.

Have You Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash?

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