Motorcycle Helmet Cams May Be Valuable Evidence at Trial

Determining who was at fault in a motorcycle accident is not always as straightforward as it seems. Many times, the motorists involved in a motorcycle accident offer a self-serving version of what happened. In some cases, a police investigation can uncover evidence leading authorities to come up with a best guess as to what caused the accident and who was at fault. However, in many cases, this evidence is absent, and it’s one driver’s word against another’s.

In recent years, some motorcyclists have begun to install cameras on their helmets to record their journey. While the impetus for installing a helmet cam may not necessarily be to document any potential accidents, the footage from a helmet cam may be admissible in a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Motorcyclist’s Helmet Cam Catches Road-Rage Incident on Film

Earlier this month, a motorcyclist was involved in a serious accident on a Washington highway when the driver in front of him slammed on his brakes. According to a news report covering the recent accident, the motorcyclist was entering the highway when another motorist passed very close to the motorcyclist’s left side at a high rate of speed. Upset by the near collision, the motorcyclist made a hand gesture toward the motorist, and the motorist then slammed on his brakes.

As the car slowed, the motorcyclist tried to slow down as well but was unable to slow down enough to avoid a collision. The motorcyclist crashed into the rear of the car, and the motorcyclist was able to grab onto the top of the car as the car continued down the highway. Eventually, the car stopped, and the motorcyclist got off the car uninjured. The entire incident was caught on the motorcyclist helmet cam.

After police arrived, they conducted an investigation and reviewed the helmet cam footage. Subsequently, police cited the motorist for drunk driving. However, police claim that the motorcyclist was at fault for the accident. This is likely because the motorcyclist escalated the situation by making a hand gesture and then was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision.

It remains to be seen if the motorcyclist will be filing a personal injury lawsuit against the motorist. However, since the police investigation will not be binding on a court of law as to the motorist’s liability, the fact that the police cited the motorcyclist will not necessarily prevent him from successfully pursuing a claim against the other driver.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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