Maryland Motorcycle Rider Succumbs to Injuries from Earlier Car-Motorcycle Collision in Harford County

To paraphrase an oft-heard axiom repeated many times in military surgical hospitals near battlefields throughout the world: “Rule Number One is ‘Good men die.’ Rule Number Two is: ‘Doctors can’t always change Rule Number One.’” The sad reality is, even in times of relative peace, good people do die — and not always for just causes. We’re speaking here of the all too frequent, ever tragic and usually senseless deaths that happen on our nation’s highways every day, week after week, year by year.

As Baltimore injury accident lawyers, I and my legal staff understand the pain and suffering of the families left behind following the traffic-related death of a loved one or close friend. Nobody can describe, nor would he or she likely want to relive the unbearable agony of learning that a parent, spouse, close relative or child has died because of the thoughtless actions of another motorist.

But these types of deaths occur all too often here in Maryland. Whether you live in Annapolis, Laurel, Rockville or Washington, D.C., it’s quite common to read news stories of people who have been injured or killed in a car or commercial truck wreck. Motorcycle-related traffic accidents are also frequent subjects on the internet and in newspaper pages. Every once in a while we come across a news item that points up the tragedy that is the typical car crash.

A little while back we read of a Harford County man who lost his fight for life after lying in a hospital bed for several months. Based on reports, 45-year-old Aaron Peterson was badly hurt in a motorcycle-related traffic collision in mid-May of last year. About ten weeks late, the Havre de Grace motorcycle rider died, possibly from complications due to his injuries. Mr. Peterson passed away just days before he and his wife’s wedding anniversary.

The accident that led up to this terrible end, took place on an early afternoon in May 2012 along a stretch of U.S. Rte 40 in Harford County. The police reports at the time indicated that Peterson’s accident came about one year following another motorcycle crash at nearly that same location on the Pulaski Highway. The incident took place around one o’clock in on a Thursday afternoon, after which emergency responders from the Susquehanna Hose Company transported the victim via medevac chopper a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Unfortunately, after weeks in the hospital, doctors could no longer help the victim to stay alive. Mr. Peterson’s story is similar to that of many victims of motorcycle crashes here in Maryland and across the U.S. Whether riding to work, heading across town to do some shopping, or just enjoying an afternoon touring the state, bikers can find themselves in any number of serious medical conditions following an unexpected traffic wreck.

Single-bike or multi-car collisions, regardless of the circumstances, the results of a medium- to high-speed motorcycle crash can be devastating. Loss of limbs, paraplegia and life-long paralysis are some of the worst outcomes for those lucky enough to survive a collision on their Harley, Honda or Kawasaki. The potential financial burden on a victim’s family can be enormous and the emotional pain is often quite draining for those surviving relatives who must pick up the pieces and try to carry on with their lives — all the more reason to consider retaining a qualified personal injury attorney if negligence on another driver’s part is suspected.

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UPDATE: Man Hospitalized After Motorcycle Crash,, May 17, 2012

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