Maryland Motorcycle Accident News: Joppa, MD, Biker Collides with Car, Dies after being Run Over

We’ve said it here before; riding a motorcycle is a rewarding, yet risky pastime that requires skill, concentration, and a modicum of luck. It’s this last quality, if you will, that includes a level of trust that the other motorists on the road will be watching out for you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Considering the dangers involved, it’s amazing that motorcyclists ever take to the streets here in Baltimore, over in Frederick and even in the District. Sharing the road with other drivers means placing one’s life in the hands of strangers, many of whom are likely good people with good intentions. But traffic accidents happen; and when an accident happens to a biker, the consequences can be deadly.

Besides “road rash,” which would seem like a rite of passage for many motorcycle riders, a traffic accident with a larger motor vehicle is likely to result in lacerations, broken bones, internal injuries and closed-head trauma. Mix in a collision with a commercial delivery truck or 18-wheeler and there’s a good chance of a fatality. Too many riders are killed every year as a result of highway wrecks, and the figures will likely add up, as they do every year, until the colder temperatures send those “fair weather” riders home to sit the winter out and wait for springtime.

As Maryland auto accident attorneys and Washington, D.C., personal injury lawyers, we have the legal training and experience to represent victims of motorcycle accidents and their families. We know that many bikers involved in serious road wrecks face an uncertain future due to the critical injuries that can be received on a bike. Medical costs can mount up quickly, and rehabilitation can take months or years.

Not long ago, a Maryland rider was fatally injured in a multi-vehicle accident that occurred on Rockspring Rd. in Forest Hill. Roadway collision happened on a Saturday afternoon as a 54-year-old Harford County resident was riding his Harley-Davidson northbound on Rockspring.

According to a press release from the Bel Air barrack of the Maryland State Police, just before 12:30pm the rider was approaching the intersection of Rockspring and Myers Dr. when a southbound Honda Accord executed a left-hand turn without yielding to the oncoming motorcycle. Based on news articles, the Harley rider apparently could not avoid hitting the Honda and ended up striking the rear section that vehicle. The force of the crash caused the victim, Edward John Rogers III, to be trwon off his bike and into the southbound traffic lane of Rockspring Rd. Moments after that initial collision between the car and bike, a pickup truck heading south ran over Rogers who was already lying in the roadway.

Emergency responders arriving on the scene called for a medevac helicopter to get the critically injured motorcyclist to Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he was treated for a variety of serious and life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the man passed away a couple days later from apparent complications due to the crash. According to the news, this was the 11th fatal traffic accident in Harford County this year.

Joppa man dies after weekend crash on motorcycle,, July 13, 2011

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