Maryland Injury Accidents: Facts on Bicycle-Automobile Crashes

Even before people began riding their bicycles to save gas and money during this recent economic downturn, bicycling accidents were already a fact of life around Baltimor and other parts of the state. As personal injury lawyers, we at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers have first-hand experience with individuals who have been hurt in traffic accidents involving a bike. Numerous bicycle fatalities and lesser injuries occur each year as a result of another person’s negligence.

Sad to say, many bicycle accidents and the injuries received as a result are totally preventable. This goes back to my previous statement, which points the finger at motorists whose negligent actions cause the accident in the first place. Of course, that’s not the only cause. A percentage of cycling accidents are a direct result of a defective bicycle or equipment.

Bicycle crashes and other cycling-related accidents can cause severe injury, and sometimes death. Neck and head injuries are rather common — in fact, many bicyclists suffer brain damage following a serious accident. Similarly, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, broken limbs, and even permanent injuries are not uncommon as a result of these types of collisions. If an automobile is involved, a fatality is a frequent result.

If a cyclist is not killed in a car-bicycle accident, many times the financial costs — medical and lost wages — can be significant. Injuries can be so severe that reconstructive surgery or lengthy and expensive medical treatment is needed for a full recovery. It is important to remember that not all insurance companies are willing to pay for the costs incurred by an injured bicyclist, at least not without a struggle. Keep in mind, insurance companies employ their own lawyers in an effort to try and avoid paying claims due to bicycle accidents.

This is why it is extremely important for anyone who is injured in any kind of accident involving a bicycle to retain a qualified personal injury attorney who is well versed in handling these types of injury accidents. As skilled Maryland personal injury attorneys, my office can provide accident victims with valuable advice and representation. If someone else’s negligence has deprived you of your quality of life, your livelihood or your physical well-being, do not hesitate to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

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