Maryland Bicycle Accident News: 14-Year-Old Boy Critically Injured in Car-Bike Crash

There’s a sadness that accompanies any traffic accident in which a child is injured or killed. In the first place, many automobile accidents could be prevented. In the second place, youngsters are so innocent that we as parents want to shield them from any pain or suffering. A passenger car or commercial trucking accident is a violent assault on that innocence.

As Baltimore personal injury lawyers, I and my legal team understand the difficult emotional time that a family may experience after their child is hurt in a traffic collision. We all cringe when we see kids on bikes mixing with motor vehicles, but the result of an actual crash is always a shock.

According to a news article, a young boy from Queen Anne’s County was struck by a car while he was cycling in Stevensville on a Sunday night. Based on police reports, the accident happened around 9pm on Thompson Creek Road, just in front of a Food Lion supermarket.

The police reports indicated that the driver of the car, 23-year-old Tara Riley, had missed the turn for the food store. Police stated that Riley then pulled onto the shoulder of the roadway so that she could turn into the next entrance. At that moment the bicycle rider was riding against traffic and boy, who reportedly was wearing dark clothing, was hit head-on by the vehicle.

Although the teenage was wearing a helmet, he treated by emergency responders and then taken to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore where he was listed in critical condition. The driver of the car was unhurt in the accident. At the time of the report, Maryland State Police were asking for any eyewitnesses to come forward with additional information.

Police Beat: Bicycle Hit,, September 24, 2010

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