Maryland Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents: Who Is at Fault?

If you’ve spent much time on a motorcycle, you know that one of the most dangerous traffic situations for riders involves left-hand turns. While there is no data indicating the number of Maryland motorcycle accidents that involve left turns, the number is significant. While riders injured in a motorcycle collision are entitled to bring a personal injury claim for damages after an accident, there are often complicated issues presented by left-turn motorcycle accidents.

Why Are Left-Hand Turns So Dangerous?

Left-hand turns are dangerous for all drivers, but especially motorcyclists. Not only that, but these turns present a hazard both when a motorcycle is making the left turn as well as when they are traveling straight through an intersection approaching another vehicle that is making a left.

When a motorist makes a left turn at an intersection, they must yield the right-of-way to the oncoming vehicle. This much is common knowledge. However, both riders and drivers of cars and trucks tend to get confused once the light turns yellow. For the motorist in the intersection waiting to make a left turn, there is certainly a sense of urgency to complete the turn and get out of the intersection. However, until the light turns red, the left-turning motorist must continue to yield to any vehicles traveling straight.

Things change, however, once a light turns red. At this point, the driver traveling straight through the intersection loses the right of way in favor of the left-turning motorcyclist. Of course, this provides little help for a motorcyclist injured by another driver who ran a red light.

Similarly, if the vehicle traveling straight is speeding, they may lose their right of way or at least be held partially responsible for the collision. This is a challenge that many motorcyclists face when bringing a claim after a Maryland motorcycle accident involving a left-hand turn. Motorcyclists have a reputation for speeding, not necessarily because they are, but because there is an incorrect and unfair assumption that all motorcyclists are aggressive drivers. This is further complicated by the fact that other drivers generally have a hard time determining the speed of an oncoming motorcyclist.

Can Motorcycle Accident Victims Recover for Thier Injuries if They Were at Fault for the Accident?

In Maryland, strict contributory negligence rules may prevent a motorcyclist who shares even the slightest amount of responsibility for causing an accident. Thus, anyone injured in a Maryland motorcycle accident should reach out to a dedicated personal injury lawyer for assistance.

Have You Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Wreck?

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