Maryland DUI Accidents Involving Scooters and Electric Bikes

Although most Mayland drunk driving accidents involve cars, trucks, and motorcycles, they can also occur in other contexts. For example, as the use of electric scooters and electric bikes continues to rise, reports of incidents involving alcohol are on the rise as well. Many people use these convenient modes of transportation to get around cities, but too often fail to use proper signals or wear a helmet. The lack of safety precautions and general rider inexperience raises concerns, particularly as e-scooter accidents involving alcohol use increase.

These days, electric scooters are increasingly being used throughout the U.S. Tourists and commuters use the scooters as a cheap way to get around, particularly in cities. Yet with this increased use, comes increased risks. A recent study found a rise in electric scooters accidents tied to alcohol. Many scooter riders also weren’t wearing helmets when they crashed.

The study investigated 103 incidents of people who were admitted to major trauma centers due to a scooter accident. About 42 percent of the people had moderate to severe injuries. Most injuries included fractures to the legs, ankles, forearms, collarbone, and shoulder blades. Half of those with fractures required surgery. There also were injuries to necks, kidneys, and spleens. Ninety-eight percent of people were not wearing helmets at the time of these incidents.

The researchers found that drug and alcohol use was very common. For example, of those tested for alcohol after an accident, about 48 percent of riders were well above the legal limit. Of those tested for drug use, almost 52 percent tested positive.

An emergency physician in New York City stated that the study shows the “significant dangers and risk of death associated with the surge in [the scooters’] popularity in the U.S.” Another doctor commented that people see e-scooters as a safe solution to getting home after drinking. Yet, using a scooter at just 15 miles per hour without a helmet can result in a serious injury. Wearing a helmet is but one precaution riders of e-bikes and scooters should take.

Proving Intoxication in Maryland Personal Injury Cases

In Maryland, it is possible for plaintiffs to prove intoxication and recover damages accidents resulting from another’s use of an electric scooter while intoxicated. Intoxication can be proven through blood tests or other drug tests, but it can also be based on witness testimony or circumstantial evidence. As in any Maryland personal injury cases, the plaintiff will still have to prove all of the elements of the claim in order to hold the defendant liable.

Have You Been Injured in an E-Scooter Accident?

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