Man Critically Injured in Motorcycle Accident; Reconstruction Team Trying to Discover Cause

In most accidents, there are two sides to the story. Often, each party’s version of what happened is partly based on reality and partly based on their own biases. However, in some accidents, due to the nature of the injuries involved, there may only be one side to the story. That is often the case in motorcycle accidents in which the motorcyclist sustains a serious injury to his or her head.

Police are supposed to do more than ask each person involved their side of the story. Indeed, police and accident investigation teams should conduct a thorough investigation of the scene, plugging in what each party claims to have happened to determine which scenario is closest to the truth. In some cases, however, there is no reliable evidence on which the police can base their investigation, and an accident reconstruction team is called in to reconstruct the accident in hopes of determining how the accident was caused. This determination is important for police to determine if either of the drivers should be issued a citation, and it may also be the basis for a personal injury lawsuit in the future.

Reconstruction Team Deployed to Figure Out Recent Motorcycle Accident

Earlier this month, an accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck left one man in critical condition. According to a news report covering the incident, the collision took place during the morning commute in Rochester, Minnesota.

Evidently, a motorcyclist was heading westbound on 2nd Street when an approaching pickup truck heading eastbound attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle. As the truck crossed in front of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist did not have time to apply the brakes, and he ended up slamming into the passenger side of the pickup truck. Emergency responders discovered the motorcyclist on the highway, suffering from serious head trauma, and rushed him to the hospital in critical condition.

Authorities did find a helmet at the scene of the accident but are unsure whether the rider was wearing the helmet or just had it with him. Witnesses were able to tell police the basic facts of the accident but did not have many details. To help determine what had occurred in the moments leading up to the motorcycle accident, the authorities deployed the Forensic Mapping Team to help reconstruct the scene of the accident. The result of the investigation is still pending.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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