Is an Expert Needed After a Maryland Motorcycle Crash?

Motorcycle crashes often result in severe injuries, and the aftermath can be overwhelming for Maryland motorcycle accident victims. However, there are time limits for filing lawsuits in Maryland, and a victim has to have time to gather evidence and prepare a claim. One consideration after a crash is whether an expert is required in the case.

An expert is not required in every case but may be necessary in some cases and very useful in others. Maryland courts have explained that expert testimony can be admitted if the court determines that the testimony will help the trier of fact (such as a jury) understand the evidence or decide a fact at issue in the case. A court will require expert testimony in cases where an issue is outside the common knowledge of a layperson. The expert also must be qualified to testify as an expert. Under Maryland court rules, a witness can testify if the witness’s knowledge, experience, education, skill, or training qualify the witness as an expert, the expert testimony is appropriate, and there is a sufficient factual basis for the testimony.

When Are Experts Needed in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

In a lawsuit after a Maryland motorcycle crash, an expert might not be necessary in a case where a driver was not looking at their phone and failing to keep their eyes on the road. However, an expert might be required, for example, to explain how a part malfunctioned on a motorcycle or how the crash caused the plaintiff’s alleged injuries. Under the civil procedure rules in Maryland, a party may require another party to identify any experts that are expected to be called at trial, to summarize their findings and opinions, and provide any written expert reports.

Hit and Run Driver Kills Two Motorcyclists

According to one news source, a recent hit and run crash left two motorcyclists dead and another injured. According to a preliminary investigation, the crash, which took place on a Tuesday night, occurred when a passenger car was traveling at a seemingly “high rate of speed” and struck the two motorcycles as they were turning in an intersection. The passenger car continued until it crashed into a utility pole, and then multiple people got out of the car and ran from the scene. The alleged driver was later arrested and charged with two counts of homicide by vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident causing death, reckless driving, and driving while license suspended.

Maryland Injury Lawyers

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