Improper Left Turn Accidents Are a Leading Cause of Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcycle accidents take place, they can often have devastating consequences because they lack the shield that passenger vehicles provide to drivers and occupants. Among the various types of accidents involving motorcycles, however, left turn accidents account for nearly 36 percent of fatal collisions. Because of the vulnerability of motorcyclists, left turn accidents yield a higher likelihood of injury, and are often an understated danger when sharing the road with other drivers.

According to a recent news report, a 20-year-old motorcyclist was killed Sunday evening after being involved in a two-vehicle crash. Local authorities reported that the man was driving his motorcycle east when a westbound SUV attempted to make a left turn. The SUV began to make its turn when the motorcycle hit the SUV’s right side. The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital, where he later died from his injuries. The accident remains under investigation.

Although it may seem obvious why left hand turn accidents occur involving motorcycles, a variety of contributing factors could lead to the collision taking place.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Maryland Motorcycle Accidents?

Most commonly, motorcycles are hit by passenger vehicles when the driver does not see the motorcyclist. The most typical scenario is when a motorcyclist with the right of way is going straight through a green light. A passenger vehicle making a left turn may fail to notice the motorcyclist and collides with them. Because motorcyclists are already often challenging to see on the road by drivers because they take up less visual and physical space, poor weather conditions or visibility can often amplify already present risks for motorcyclists and drivers alike.

Sometimes, even the most proactive and cautious driver and motorcyclist cannot prevent an accident from taking place. There are, however, various steps available for both parties to take to ensure that the chances of an accident are reduced and everyone is able to travel together safely.

For motorcyclists, visibility while riding can make a significant difference, especially at night or when weather conditions make roads difficult to navigate. Wearing a light-colored helmet, a headlight, or bright clothing can make motorcyclists more visible to passenger vehicle drivers. Motorcyclists are also recommended to drive defensively and under the assumption that other cars cannot see them. This amplified level of attention could allow motorcyclists to more proactively and cautiously navigate the road and reduce the chances of accidents taking place.

Drivers of passenger vehicles can also take various steps, such as maintaining the speed limit, double-checking all of their mirrors and surroundings before switching lanes or making turns, and paying special attention to their vehicle’s blind spots.

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