The Importance of an Independent and In-Depth Investigation after a Motorcycle Accident

After a serious or fatal motorcycle accident, the road to recovery is a long one. The victim or the victim’s family will likely have to deal with the emotional impact of the accident as well as having substantial medical costs to recoup. This is normally done through a negligence lawsuit brought against one or more of the other parties involved. However, in order to be successful in such a lawsuit, the victim or their family must show that the defendant was legally at fault for the accident.

In some cases, a police investigation is sufficient to determine who caused the accident. For example, in cases involving a drunk driver who causes a motorcycle accident, the police will likely criminally charge the drunk driver. The accident victim can then benefit from the investigative work of the police department and use the department’s findings to further their own case. However, in some cases, a police investigation is not all that fruitful.

On occasion, an investigating police department will not file criminal charges because they believe the accident to be one in which no single party is at fault. Unlike the example above, this does not help the injured accident victim at all. It is in these situations that an independent, third-party investigation into the accident may be warranted to determine if there was anything that the police investigators overlooked.

Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident, No One Charged

Earlier last month, one man was killed in a motorcycle accident involving a single motorcycle and a BMW. According to one local news report, the accident occurred near the intersection of two frequently used roads, when the motorcyclist and the BMW collided head-on. Responding emergency personnel arrived on the scene to find the motorcyclist critically injured but still alive. However, a short time after being transported to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Unfortunately, the accident victim was never well enough to be interviewed as to how the accident occurred. Police have begun to reconstruct the accident but have yet to arrive at a conclusion as to how the accident occurred. In the meantime, no charges have been filed against the driver of the BMW.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a serious or fatal Maryland motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. It would be a mistake to assume that you are barred from recovery merely because the police did not file criminal charges against the other driver. Rather than make assumptions, contact an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your case and see if there may be something that the investigators missed. If you are able to recover damages for your injuries, you may also be eligible to recover compensation for any pain and suffering you endured as a result of the accident. Call 410-654-3600 today to set up a free consultation with an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney.

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