Icy Roads Pose Huge Threat to Maryland Commuters, Especially Those on Bikes and Motorcycles

Maryland drivers are at risk of getting into an accident because of something that they may not even be able to see:  ice. As the weather gets colder, roads are more likely to ice over, which can cause cars, trucks, bicyclists, or even pedestrians to slip and slide. Ice also can potentially cause a serious Maryland motorcycle accident. Ice on the roads, which can be present even if it’s not freezing cold outside, stops tires from getting a good grip, reducing even a skilled driver’s ability to steer and stop.

Weather conditions involving ice, snow, and freezing rain are some of the most dangerous conditions for Maryland residents. In fact, icy roads are responsible for more than twice as many fatalities each year as tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, and severe thunderstorms combined.

For example, a doctor was recently killed when he wiped out on a patch of ice while riding his bicycle. According to a local news report covering the tragic accident, the doctor, a 50-year-old pediatrician, was riding his bike at around 8:40 in the morning when the bike slipped on ice, causing him to fall. Unfortunately, he fell right in front of a school bus full of children, which hit and killed him. The driver and passengers of the bus were unharmed. The accident brought attention to the dangers posed by ice on the roadways.

To improve safety on the roads, Maryland drivers can take extra precautions to avoid ice-related accidents. Drivers are advised to drive a little more slowly than normal, increase their stopping distance to at least three times the normal amount, keep windshields and windows clear at all times, ensure that their tires are properly inflated, and avoid using cruise control, which can make it harder to react to sudden icy roads. These precautions should be taken regardless of whether or not one can actually see ice on the roads. Black ice, or ice invisible to the eye but still covering the roads, is one of the deadliest hazards to Maryland drivers.

Of course, if an accident does occur, the injured party has the ability to bring suit against the responsible driver. In cases of ice on the roads, reckless and negligent driving, such as going too fast, not looking when changing lanes, or texting while driving, can be even more deadly. Individuals who are injured because of another person’s reckless or negligent driving are advised to speak with a personal injury lawyer who can discuss their claim and how they may recover financially.

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