How Long Do Victims Have to File a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Claim?

A victim of a Maryland motorcycle accident may be dealing with a tremendous amount of stress in the aftermath of an accident. But accident victims have to keep in mind the time in which a claim must be filed to preserve their rights and their right to recover compensation. In Maryland, the time in which a claim must for filed (known as the statute of limitations) in a personal injury case is three years. A Maryland wrongful death claim also must be filed within three years.

The three-year period in an accident case generally begins to run when the crash occurs, but may begin later if the injury is not evident right away. A statute of limitations can be tolled, or extended, in some circumstances. For example, a victim may be so seriously injured that they lack the capacity to file a claim for some time. However, in general, statutes of limitations must be strictly followed. Failing to file a negligence claim within the prescribed statute of limitations will generally result in the claim being dismissed.

How Does Having an Attorney Help Motorcycle Accidnet Victims?

An experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney can help victims file a legal claim against all the defendants responsible for their injuries. In a Maryland negligence claim, a victim must show that a defendant was negligent by acting or failing to act in some way. That is, a plaintiff must establish that: the defendant owed the plaintiff a legal duty to exercise due care, the defendant failed to meet that duty, the plaintiff suffered damages, and the defendant’s act or failure to act caused the plaintiff’s damages. Plaintiffs in Maryland accident cases may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, wage losses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages that may be applicable in their cases.

Motorcyclist Killed in Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Recently, a 30-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle crash on a Friday evening. According to one news source, an SUV traveling eastbound on a roadway hit a barrier wall. The impact then sent the SUV into the adjacent lane, and it crashed into a sedan. The cars then traveled into the westbound lanes of the roadway, where the SUV crashed into a motorcycle. The motorcyclist and his passenger were knocked onto the road, and the motorcyclist died as a result. The passenger also sustained critical injuries in the crash. The drivers of the SUV and the sedan sustained minor injuries. Authorities are still investigating the crash.

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