Head-on Traffic Accident Kills Motorcycle Rider in Baltimore County Collision in Cockeysville, MD

We won’t argue that motorcycle riding is a risky hobby; and even to those who make a bike their primary mode of transportation, the knowledge that even the best riders can become involved in a traffic accident through no fault of their own should be enough to help urge caution whenever firing up ones bike and heading out onto public roads. The fact is, as good as a rider may be; as many miles he or she may have accumulated without a single crash or incident, getting hit by a car or a delivery truck can be just a roll of the dice for some unlucky riders.

As Baltimore personal injury attorneys, I and my staff of legal professionals have seen enough traffic accident victims to understand that nobody deserves to become a statistic in the Maryland traffic fatality ledger. Yet, every year, hundreds of innocent people — men, women and children injured due to another person’s negligent actions — are sent to hospital emergency rooms all across this state simply because of another individual’s careless or outright negligent actions.

Whether one rides a motorcycle to work, school, for shopping or just for enjoyment, the caveat for any rider is that automobile and trucking-related collisions can happen anytime, anywhere. Many a motorcyclist has been caught unaware in a severe and life-threatening roadway collision only because he or she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The number and frequency of bike-related traffic wrecks is unlikely to lessen, if only because of the increasing popularity of motorcycle riding as a sport and, most recently, as a means to shave a fair amount of cash out of an individual’s transportation budget each month. Sadly, when someone walks through our door, the damage has already been done. As motorcycle, trucking and automobile injury lawyers, our main hope is that more and more riders will understand the risks as they hit the streets in the coming months, with a heightened sense of urgency for their own well-being.

At Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand how just one careless, distracted or drunken driver can alter forever the life of an innocent person and send a family into the depths of despair, emotional pain and many times financial distress. We say this because the facts bear it out: More than half of all motorcycle accidents — those involving serious injury or death — are actually the fault of the other motorist. We think of this every time we read of a bad bike accident that has taken the life of another rider.

A while back we came across an article that described a fatal head-on motorcycle collision that took the life of a biker in the Cockeysville area. According to the news reports, the crash happened on a Saturday morning as a motorcycle was traveling east along a stretch of Shawan Rd. near Beaver Dam Rd. Based on information from the Baltimore County Police the biker apparently lost control of his mount and crossed the centerline running straight into a Toyota sport utility vehicle coming the opposite way.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the SUV was taken to University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center with reportedly serious injuries. Several other occupants in the Toyota were taken to hospitals in the surrounding area as their injuries were apparently less serious and not life threatening. At the time of the news article, police did not know why the motorcycle lost control. Driver error can always be a potential factor in such crashes; however, defective vehicle equipment has also been known to cause such incidents as well. The county crash reconstruction team was still investigating at the time of the news article.

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