For Motorcycle Riders All Around Maryland, Spring Means Getting Back on the Road… Safely

If the last several years have been any indicator, it’s that there are more and more people choosing economical transportation over more expensive passenger cars. Whether that means chucking a larger sedan or sport utility vehicle for a gas-sipping hybrid or diesel hatchback, taking public transportation on the weekdays and saving the family vehicle for weekend outs only, people are trying to save money left and right.

It’s no secret that one of the more economical modes of personal internal combustion-powered transport is the motorcycle. Unfortunately bikes and motor scooters can also pose significant physical dangers to their owners. It’s a major tradeoff that many people need to consider very seriously when looking to save money at the pump and to lower ownership costs. If you can, literally, live with the near-constant risk of physical injury or even death, then the two-wheeled solution might be an option.

As a Maryland personal injury attorney, I understand the downside of being involved in a traffic accident while riding a Honda, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki or Ducati cycle. Obviously the emotional and financial payoff with these vehicles can be quite high, but riders need to fully understand and accept the dangers as well. Having represented victims of motorcycle, automobile and trucking-related collisions, I and my colleagues are all too aware of the potentially painful consequences — physical, financial and emotional — that a motorcycle-related traffic accident can present to a victim and his family.

Nevertheless, with so many people choosing to ride a motorcycle instead of driver a passenger car, it is in their best interest to prepare themselves with information and skill building in what some might refer to as the “art” of motorcycle riding. We noticed that later this week a motorcycle safety rally is being held at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department in St. Mary’s County, MD.

As part of the event, which starts at 11am on Sunday, April 14, riders and people who wish to become riders will have access to information on licensing, pre-ride mechanical checks, as well as learn some important riding skills for advanced bikers. In addition, a practice course will reportedly be set up for those licensed riders over the age of 18 with the proper safety equipment.

According to organizers, this rally has been created through the cooperation of riders themselves, teachers and educators, as well as motorcycling advocates. Also available to participants during the rally will be the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s SMARTrainer, a motorcycle simulator, and a mobile classroom. As part of the classroom offerings during the day, three separate riding-related courses will be provided, including riding techniques taught by experienced riders.

Among the rally’s sponsors is the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), Red Knights Motorcycle Club MD 4, Ride Like a Pro Maryland, and ABATE of Maryland. The GWRRA is one of the largest single-make social group serving owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing and Valkyrie motorcycles, while the

Red Knights are dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety while projecting a positive image of motorcycling. Ride Like a Pro Maryland is a training program based on that used to train police motorcycle riders and developed for civilian riders to help them master riding techniques and improve skills and confidence. Finally, ABATE of Maryland, Inc., is a lobbying organization that provides a voice for Maryland motorcyclists to help promote motorcycling-related concerns to local, state and federal legislators and regulatory agencies.

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