Five Deaths in Multiple Motorcycle-SUV Crash Near Maryland State Border

A tragic collision resulted after an SUV and two motorcycles collided in south-central Pennsylvania near the Maryland line, just a little under a week ago.

According to police, two motorcycles traveling in the same direction collided head-on with the SUV traveling the opposite way in Franklin County, killing four people on the motorcycles and one person travelling in the SUV.

According to another source, the SUV was heading northbound and crossed over the center line for unknown reasons, striking the Harley-Davidson head-on. Upon impact, the SUV spun counterclockwise and was struck broadside in the passenger door by the second motorcycle, a Suzuki. All vehicles were reportedly traveling under the speed limit of 55 MPH.

One of the most troubling things about this collision from a motorcycle accident attorney’s perspective, aside from the incredibly tragic fatalities, is the stereotype against motorcyclists that was almost instantly proliferated in the comments section of the NBC News article. Without factual information regarding which vehicle crossed over the center line, readers automatically assumed that the motorcyclists were at fault, and began to write negative comments about the riders, some even denigrating the loss of their lives.

Interestingly, however, several motorcycle riders then went on to tell their stories of how they were hit by SUVs and other drivers who either forced their way into a turn, ignoring the motorcyclist’s right of way, or who were simply not paying attention due to talking on a cell phone or texting.

It is important to point these comments out because they are a fairly accurate representation of the general public’s perception of motorcycle riders. People will jump to the conclusion that if a motorcyclist was involved in a collision, it must have been because the motorcyclist was engaging in risk-taking behavior, or otherwise was somehow at fault. The reality, however, is that motorcycle riders are generally safe drivers, and often vigilantly follow the relevant traffic laws, due to the realization that they are vulnerable to other drivers and vehicles on the road.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle collision, you will want to be represented by a law firm that understands the stereotypes you may encounter in the course of pursuing your personal injury claim. Motorcycle accident lawsuits can be challenging to prove, particularly considering stereotypes that members of the jury may harbor (which defense counsel will attempt to capitalize on). Motorcycle cases therefore requiring proper planning and strategy.

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